Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Letters....Wait, What is a Friday?

Dear Friday What are you?

Dear Starbucks I thought about stopping at you on my way to work but after yesterday you are still on my shit list and now I'm sitting here still sleepy.

Dear Self Stop trying to teach yourself more things to make and get your orders completed. Jeeze talk about procrastination.

Dear Society Can we please bring in nap time. I could really use one sometimes, maybe not even for a nap, but more for quiet time so I can just relax.

Dear Spa Thanks for sending me a text message to remind me I have a hair appointment. I completely forgot and almost scheduled myself to work that day.

Dear Target I need more lights for the tree and I'm getting a little upset that you don't carry the ones I bought. What the hell dude?!

Dear Smidgen Since your trip to the vet you've been pretty lovey dovey. Did they give you some kind of happy pill because I'm a little confused.

Dear Work REALLY?!

Dear New York I'm very sorry I wont get to see you for my 25th but sadly you require money which I do not have. I was really looking forward to staying near Times Square for $29/night at the Hampton. I'm going to go cry a little bit.

Dear Florida Lotto If you want to throw a couple thousand my way that would be great. I don't need a lot but I would just like a bit so I can pay some debt off and maybe take a trip aka go to New York.

Dear Cosmos Can you possible send a cute boy my way because seriously I would like a date sometime soon. I've $150 to spend before the 15th and I don't feel like going to fancy by myself.

Dear Followers I'm thinking of doing a group giveaway this month. If you want to join in let me know and I'll see what we can throw together.

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Hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

there are times i wished i lived in europe because many of the cities honor siesta... the whole city basically shuts down for 1hr in the afternoon (not lunch) and you can do whatever to relax. their hours are adjusted (work later) but i'd do that if i could get a break like that in the middle of the day.

Christina said...

would love the cosmos to send someone my way too...I feel you on that one! :)

Found your blog, now following!


Erin said...

I could use a nap and some lottery winnings right about now.

And how in earth did you find a hotel that cheap. And why on earth are you not taking advantage of it?!

Victoria said...

nap time, what a great idea!! everyone could use one :)

great letters!

cute blog:)

Jordon said...

I say amen to society makes naps part of our daily duties. I mean it can't hurt right? Love the blog!

K ♥ said...

Yes to nap time! And to lottery winnings! Cute blog you have here. ;)

Found you over at Friday's Letters. New follower here.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Found it through the Fridays Letter link up. I went to New York for my 24th and again about a month later for a girls weekend -- both times I thought "I should have just stayed in Philly." I know! I'm crazy :)

Amanda* said...

I vote for nap time, too!!!!