Monday, December 17, 2012

Giveaway and December Sponsor Intro

Happy Monday!
Today is my day off so I'm sitting in my apartment drinking coffee surrounded by yarn and scarves and cozies and hats....oh boy.
I need to focus on getting all these scarves made in time for people to give them out for Christmas AS WELL as complete my own gifts.
One of my employees said I need to hire someone to help me with all of this but it is cool. I plan on getting an amazing hand massage after all of this is completed. Hmmmm maybe I should call Ricky now to set up that appointment.
Since I'm sooooo freakin busy I've decided to introduce some lovely ladies as well as do a little giveaway!

My name is Christina at {Living Laughing Loving}. I am 20, currently studying History Ed at SUNY New Paltz. I am obsessed with crime shows like Criminal Minds & Law & Order...I swear I should have been a criminology major. I am a city girl, I love the city that never sleeps (NY). I love love love my fur baby Toby. He is a Maltese. I love to read and just chill out with friends on my free time (which is minimal since I am taking all major classes). I am extremely outspoken, which is can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how its taken. I use my blog to express my self when I am feeling down or just to write whats on my mind, whether it be about life, school, fashion, college success...anything and everything.

Hi! I'm Millie and I blog at Little Miss Sunshine. I'm on a mission to live my life according to me and spread happiness along the way. Like Brie, I'm also a single lady and I'm starting to think the theme song for my love life might be "Another One Bites the Dust." Sometimes I drink too much and make bad choices. Other times I do awesome things like baking and volunteering. This means I end up blogging about everything from my random acts of kindness, like the time I handed out balloons with positive quotes on them to strangers on my birthday, to my thoughts on life and dating, like the time I wrote about what to expect if you date a girl like me. I hope you'll stop by and say hello sometime!


Hi! I'm Angi and I blog over at Into the Forest Dim. I live in Sitka, Alaska (which is absolutely nothing like they depicted in The Proposal, for the record!) and I love my husband, my cat, tea, crocheting, crafting, birds, anything and everything hipster, and long walks on the beach. No, seriously, I love long walks on the beach. Anyway, hop over and say hi sometime - I'd love to meet you!

Hi guys!! I'm Nikki and I blog over at From a Miss to a Mrs.  Brie and I have been friends since 9th grade, so of course I sponsor her amazing blog!!! While Brie blogs about her single girl life and hilarious dating stories, over at From Miss to Mrs, I talk about being a newlywed (almost 10 months), doing things with our first home, saving money and paying off debt and random recipes and DIY projects I decide to try. I'm 25 and a dog mom to 3 hilarious pups, who make their way into the blog often. I work full time and also plan weddings so life keeps me plenty busy.  Come check it out!! You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @NikkiL924! Hope to meet you all soon :)
Hello!  My name is Sarah from the blog Girlfriends Are Like Shoes. I started blogging about 2 years ago under the name "Ruby" but have recently come out from behind the pseudonym. I have a passion for kindness and like to do posts about positivity and the law of attraction. I believe positive thinking can help us all. I absolutely love the blogging world and am constantly trying to implement things I've learned. I'd love to connect with you so come on by and say hi!

Northern Belle Diaries

Now for the good stuff!
I'm hosting a little giveaway for one lucky lady.
It will include 50% off one item at The Urban North, a handmade infinity scarf (color is your choice) from me, and a surprise goody bag which I'll reveal what is inside when I announce the winner.
To enter is pretty dang easy. All you have to do is follow these ladies up top on either their blog or twitter or both and then comment below who you followed and how. On the 21st (Friday) I'll let you lovely ladies know who the winner is!

Hope you all had a great weekend and please remember a group of us ladies are doing a day of silence tomorrow in remembrance of the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary.


Angi said...

Hooray for giveaways! Thanks for letting me help invade your blog for a day and help out w/ the giveaway!! :D

Michelle said...

I follow Angi's blog and I follo her on twitter!

Anna said...

I follow Angi's blog on the Twitter, Instagram and GFC. And now I follow yours, too.

Alison said...

I follow Angi on her blog, twitter, and instagram. I feel like such a stalker!