Thursday, December 20, 2012

Santa Time!!!

So a while back I joined to participate in the Secret Santa!

I was pair up with Stacey @ Glued to My Crafts I have to say that lady is really really crafty! I hope that if I ever become a mom I can be as crafty as she is.

My Santa got me some pretty cute things

I swear I opened up the box and thought she knew me in real life.
I know she doesn't since the address isn't from anyone I know so that was a bonus in me not figuring it out sooner.

She got me a wonderful candle (I'm in love with them) which I'm saving to light till after Christmas since I already have a real tree in my house and I don't want to kill myself with holiday cheer. The little sparkly penguin goes amazing well with all the little owls that are scattered around my Christmas tree. I think there might be an issue I don't know about that involves a love of birds. The glasses were AMAZING! The bottom says water glasses but I've used them for milk (it makes the words stand out) and wine cause I'm classy like that. Oh and candy....score! Whoever my Santa was did a great job!

Last night was the company Christmas party which was pretty fun I got two $25 gift cards to two different restaurants. I traded one of them for a $15 Starbucks gift card that went along with the $25 one I already got as a present.
Starbucks you and I will be seeing each other a lot this month.

Starting today my job is going to probably make me want to take long long naps. Our controller is on vacation for two weeks which means that not only am I doing my job right now I'm also doing his.
At no extra pay.
Anyways I get to sit in his comfy office each morning and play with money and accounts which actually scares the crap out of me because I'm held responsible if it is screwed up. Blah.
See my comfy self and my large coffees will be here for a while. I want to clean and decorate it but I know that will just piss him off which makes me want to do it even more hehe.

I also think my coworkers are trying to kill me because this is the second giant cinnamon roll I've had two in two weeks. I'm currently dealing with a sugar rush.

Hope you are all getting ready for Christmas because I'm not I'm still panicking on the inside a bit.
Well, it could just be the sugar and coffee combo I'm dealing with.


P!nky said...

YAY! I'm so glad you like everything! I even bought myself some of the glasses for wine too!

Merry merry Christmas! :)

Janna Renee said...

Your Secret Santa really did good! I'll take that Cinnamon Bun off your hands ;) Thanks for participating and Happy Holidays! xoxo

My-cliffnotes said...

That cinnamon roll looks divine. YUM

Thanks so much for linking up with us.

I hope your work isn't too bad with covering for the other guy, he owes you big time. :)