Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Are on My Shit List Starbucks

I was thinking about doing a post about....something. Ok, I'll admit, I didn't actually know what I was going to write about but I decided to complain about one of the loves in my life.

I've been skimping on Starbucks runs due to money or time in the morning. Last night I was up kind of late eating spaghetti, drinking wine, watching the new Batman movie, and eating some cookies I made. I then forgot to start on a scarf because I was sitting there tipsy eating cookies and watching men punch each other. So I had to at least start one so I didn't feel like a complete lazy bum.

This morning I woke up a like wineover and wanting a much needed hot shower, of course my hot water only lasted 5 minutes so then I was standing there freezing my buns off.
Thanks hot water heater, you ass.
I didn't care that I might be late for work, seeing as I make the schedule, so I stopped off for some much needed Starbucks.

I don't think I should have stopped, I think I should have gone to work.
There was a line for some odd reason on a Thursday especially when there was one girl running register, 2 women making coffee and one guy washing and prepping food orders.
I walked up to the chipper woman who had probably been their since 5 so she was ahead of me on the awake game especially with my cold shower.
I ordered my usual hot venti peppermint white chocolate mocha.
I realised one of the ladies working behind the counter was new, as in didn't know how to make drinks new.
The other woman instead of assisting was just making her own drinks and shouting things over her shoulder to the slow old hag newbie. This trip was taking longer than forever because the orders weren't coming out in the right order, no one was calling names so you had to guess, and orders were being made twice.

I stood there patiently knowing that I was already late so there wasn't a reason to rush when the hag newbie calls out my name and reads my order off the cup to me.
Venti Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha.
I smile and rush out to my car so I can go rescue my employee from a busy morning.
I'm at the traffic light, take a sip, and then just stare at my cup.


I'm now sitting at my desk dealing with a morning from hell with wet hair since I was too lazy to dry it. I wanted to go back and complain but I figured with the 15 minutes it took to get the drink order wrong the first time I was not going to wait for them to try and make it right the second time.

So are on my shit list starting today.


Kathy said...

that totally sucks! it's also why i ask the coffee person TWICE if it's my order (and i restate the order) before i leave haha

Angi said...

Ugh, how frustrating! Those drinks aren't cheap either - they HAVE to be right! What was it instead???

Amber said...

Thats so frustrating. I would of taken back the order the Starbucks near me give you a free drink coupon if they screw up your order. And normally the newbies have a sheet with all the instructions right there to use. I hope your day gets better. :/

Victoria said...

...OCD part of my brain asks, "So what was it?"

But that sucks. :(

jamiessmiles said...

I have to say that since my stint in the food industry I have more patience with wrong orders. But that sounds Like poor management to leave a noob to sink or swim.