Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Got Back

Hidey Ho bloggers!
I'm still trying to make it through all of those fun posts from yesterday with Whitney and welcome to everyone who stopped on by!

Yes, I will be writing about the speeding ticket I got from the horse next month as a sort of celebration of my first ticket.

Now onto the good stuff
You ever have that day where you think your butt looks big?
Have you ever had that moment when your pants are feeling a bit tight?
Are you one of those girls where you need to buy bigger pants to fit your hips and ass but end up getting the weird waist thing because your waist isn't that big?
Do you hate your big ol booty?

I can answer yes to all of those things so I'm going to introduce you to a woman who is making me not mind my rather large behind.

I was browsing TMZ today while at work in my free time and saw a small little button that said Largest Hips

Happy with her size ... Mikel Ruffinelli flaunts figure


I'm now really rethinking those days where I hate my hips/butt. This woman makes $1,000 dollars every time she appears on those BBW sites.


She loves her curves, her husband loves the way she looks, and she says she doesn't want to lose weight because when she was in high school she was a skinny minny.
Her waist is a smallish 40inches but her behind/hips are a good ol 100 inch (8 ft in circumference).

I stood in the mirror this morning and was just plain grateful that my butt is the way it is.

Ya, this post evidently didn't really go anywhere but o well I'm having an off day.
I did get to help a guy mail out his wife's back massage that was left in the room in a black bag. He kept repeating over and over that I shouldn't look in the bag.
I didn't need to, I'm not dumb sir, I know what it is.

Maybe tomorrow will make more sense after I have some wine....yep, wine.


Angi said...

Dear God....that woman...

Michael said...

I wonder if she owns an actual pair of pants. I don't even know what I'd do.

Andre G. said...

How does she manage to not fall backwards! But at least she seems happy!

holli said...

Oh my! I feel so much better now when i look at my backside!

RadiantKristen said...

Don't lock at the "back massager" in the black bag. That is hilarious! I would probably laugh about that one for weeks.

Also, that woman? Holy heck! That's all I have to say on that subject.

Brandi said...

All I can say is O. Em. GEE.

Jess Casey said...

cuz your waste is small and your curves are kicking and I'm thinking about sticking