Monday, January 21, 2013

Besties, Bachelorette, and Bad Beds

Well hello darlings!

I hope you are all having an amazing day!
To those that are off today....don't tell me, as I'm very jealous.

This weekend was much needed and was honestly a blast! Friday I didn't have to work so I did some scarf work and ran around like a mad woman with errands for this weekend.
The tweet gods were listening because Friday I tweeted about how I couldn't find a plaid shirt and 2 seconds later I walked into Old Navy and they had them on sale.

Friday night I just hung around my house, ordered pizza, and got a random text from this guy I went on a date with once back in November.

Saturday I woke up early to another text from random guy saying that I made him nervous by responding so I of course asked the obvious of if you didn't think I would respond then why did you message me. He informed me because he was thinking of me and missed me.
Odd and a little weird.

I got packed up, dropped my dog off at my mother's, wish my parents good luck with my dog, and headed up to Nikki's house. We watched some movies, Ok I watched some movies....she took a nap, and just hung around till Hallie and her man got there.

We packed up, drove 5 minutes to the hotel....oops, and then relaxed while we got all pretty.

Yep, that is me enjoying a cool beverage

We drove quickly to the Hibachi place and had a great time and every time we said Fuck or Whore we cringed a little bit as we were sitting at a table with 4 or 5 children. Yep....go us. Dinner was really really good and then we headed back to the hotel to kill time till we called a cab.

We had some really great girl time and then tried to call the cab that the hotel suggested. This was a bit of an issue as he didn't speak great english and he didn't really tell us how long till he would be there. He finally showed up, we drove the 10 minutes to the bar, and then had a great time. We danced, drank, and watched some very attractive looking men.

We decided it was time to leave and tried to call a taxi, after calling a different company our silent friend pulled up and we just jumped right in. We decided we were pretty starving so we harassed the poor Night Auditor to find us a place that might be open for pizza.
Domino's came to our rescue.
Bless their little heart.
We scarfed down our food and then attempted to get some sleep in. Nikki and I ended up in the bed and let's just say...
It was the hardest bed I have ever felt in my whole life. There was no give, none at all, I could move around every 2 minutes to try and get comfortable and Nikki couldn't feel me moving at all. When it was time to wake up no one's back was feeling like they had gotten a great night's rest.

We packed up, drove back to Nikki's to wake the boys up, and then relaxed for a bit after Hallie, Porter, and Zack all left. Niks and I decided to hit up McAlister's as I don't have one in Sarasota and if you remember I fell in love with the place when I visited my bestie Megan in Gainesville.
We had an issue getting into the parking lot as there was a large amount of construction and there isn't a marked entrance for the damn place. That's ok though because I finally got something I've been craving since October.

I dropped Nikki back at her place and I headed home to grab my dog from my mom's and got relax. I got some things done but really just relaxed and tried to recover from that horrible bed.


Sky passed out and just slept the whole day after such an exciting weekend away from home.

I hope you all had a great weekend!!!


Whitney Ellen said...

Mmm.. I could really go for some pizza right now.
Also, I'm working today too. Hope that makes you feel better. :)

Nikki said...

YAY weekend!

aryan tan said...

i was working for almost 24 hours for the past weekend so did not have a good one.. no work today though and tomorrow hehe (^_^).

I'm eating some vigie pizza right now. don't taste as good as I imagine but better than eating pure green with no sauce at all.