Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Dear Mom,
I've written this a few times, it's ok I knew I would.
Today is your birthday, today we celebrate the fact that you were brought into this world. Let's be honest without you I wouldn't be here.
I know people say this often but I truly mean it when I say I'm lucky to have you in my life. I couldn't think of a better woman to call my mother. You didn't have to have me, you could have chosen to not be a mother, but you decided that I was someone you wanted to get to know and love. I sat here looking at my baby photos and just smiled seeing how much you love me in each one.

You raised me by yourself for the first few years, working full time and making me climb the stairs to our apartment all on my own while you ran everything up. I was the baby with the strong leg muscles because of you. I still giggle every time I tell the story of you being the protective mother and being so upset when our apartment was broken into and the fact that someone went through my baby things. So upset that you waited for the S.O.B and when you saw him you hit him in the legs with the baseball bat with the cops standing there. You were such a strong and passionate woman and I love you for that. You were so strong that you made the choice to move to Florida and be near your mother because you wanted to provide me with the best.

I know working nights is hard but I know you signed up for that when I was growing up because it made you available to come to all my school and sport events. You enrolled me for Tae Kwan Doe, Gymnastics, Jazz, Ballet, Ice Skating, Horseback Riding, and so much more. I'm not sure how you didn't pass out every time you sat down, who am I kidding you did sometimes, but no matter how tired you were you picked me up from school, took me to do something, and then helped me do my homework all before trying to get sleep and go to work.

Mom, you did an amazing job, you always answered my questions honestly when I asked about my father, you sat me down with your nursing book when I asked about sex, and you helped me develop a love for reading. You let me get a dog when I was 7 even though you knew that I would end up just letting you and grandma take care of her. You fought for me in the 5th grade when they tried to put me on medication because I was a day dreamer. I know I don't want to drag my stuffed animals, pogs, and old art projects around with me every time I move and I want to thank you for hanging on to everything from my childhood, including the dozens of pots that I made in pottery.

I know I wasn't the easiest of children. I know I lashed out a lot, sadly informed you I hated you, and would lock myself away for no reason at all. Every time we would get into a fight I would sit in my room feeling like a complete ass because I know you were doing the best you could and that you gave up so much so that I could have a parent who was involved. I want you to know mom that I am the person I am today because of the opportunities you provided me and for the encouragement you gave me at every turn.

I want you to have your happily ever after, I want you to go out and do things because you have this warmth and kindness that deserves to be shared with the world.

Mom today is your birthday and I am so lucky to call you mine.


Clare Brown said...

Aww what a beautiful post, brings a tear to my eye! I never tell my mum enough how much I love her & respect everything she's done for me, make sure ur mum reads this, Happy Birthday Mum x

Kerry said...

Oh my God.....just make an old woman Thank you Brie,you have made my world very interesting and complete! You are a gift from God and one I treasure everyday! I love you totally and pray that happiness floods your life all the time. You are an amazing young woman and I am sooo proud of you!!A beautiful birthday gift, a treasure to my heart. I LOVE YOU...Mom :)