Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If I Ruled The World Link Up

Hey Ladies!
Every now and then I seem to get these great ideas while being half asleep.
I know, bummer right, especially because I'm not awake enough to even think about writing whatever the hell it was running through my head.
I was stuck thinking about how if I ran things I would make it so Starbucks had call ahead orders so you could just pick them up. Then I thought better yet, what if they delivered to wherever you were!
So that lead to this idea for a link up.....
If I ruled the world....
Attractive men would be required to walk around shirtless on Tuesdays as a reward for having to deal with Monday.
Starbucks wouldn't cost so much and they would show up at your door each morning as you were getting ready to go to work
There would be a special roadway system for old people filled with bumpers and the speed limit going 30 mph so they felt safe. O and so they wouldn't be bothering me.
Gay men would plan every one's weddings because you know you've been to that one where you stood there going "OMG WHAT HAPPENED?!"
Cupcakes would make you skinny
Matt Bomer would be my husband and he would be straight
Shorts would be longer then women's vajayjays
Men would be smart enough to know when to stop talking during an argument
I would be able to save all the animals in the world
Houses would know how to clean themselves
This wouldn't be allowed
An alarm would go off when a skank walked into a bar
You would be allowed to zap people when they are getting on your nerves
Children would be taught proper english so that they don't spell in short hand or a combo of letters and numbers.
Th@t $hizz Cray Cray...GAH!
Kristen Stewart and Taylor Swift wouldn't be allowed to act or date.
Preferably both
Beiber wouldn't be saggin...actually no one would
Wine would be free to all women who have a job/are married/have basically everyone.
High heels wouldn't make my hip hurt
So go on down there and link up.
Rules are simple.....just make the link about this post
Meaning don't have it be about how cute your puppy is or how you wish you could eat a hamburger.


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! I'll have to write up a post later on for this! Thanks for sharing!

And please, consider donating to this fabulous cause. Use the code INSPIRE within the next four days and have your donation doubled!!

RadiantKristen said...

I would live in your world. Especially if starbucks were cheap, and didn't make me fat. And the wine being free thing. Free wine is delicious wine.

jenlee said...

With these ideas, I vote that you rule the world. Please and thank you!

Meg Hodson said...

Your newest follower from the GFC hop. Following via GFC and Twitter.


Samantha said...

Haha! I have to agree with all of these! Found you through the blog hop and looking forward to reading more!

Kim @ The K.O. Story said...

Shirtless Tuesdays are probably the best idea I've heard in a long time, and can we share Matt Bomer? I'm in LOVE forever and ever with him