Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Not "Youthful" Anymore?!?!

I almost cried a little bit the other day.

Honestly, I was sitting there just staring at my computer wanting to bang my head against the screen for the words that it said.

Hi Brie,
I’m with Ric Coffey’s State Farm office, where you have your auto insurance.  Since you are turning 25 soon, there should be a drop in the price you are paying for insurance as they no longer classify you as a “youthful driver”. 

Yep, right there.....right there at the end.
I'm no longer considered a "Youthful driver."

I don't take kindly to being considered "old" so I started thinking of what is and isn't ok now that I'm about to be 25.

It's fine that I'm still single at 25, even though if I was in the 1800s I'd be well on my way to "being on the shelf"

It's fine that at 25 I don't own a house

It's not ok at 25 for me to go out and be plastered every night

It's not ok at 25 for me to try to order off of the children's menu

It's fine at 25 that I'm refusing to stop wearing flip flops every chance that I get

It's fine at 25 that I have no desire to have children any time soon

It's fine at 25 that I still watch children movies such as Tinker Bell or The Fox and The Hound

It's fine at 25 that I'm still not sure if I want to do my job for the rest of my life

It's fine at 25 that I still hold my dream of one day moving to New York City and meeting the straight version of Matt Bomer

It's not fine at 25 that I let some of the things in my life bother me

It's fine at 25 to admire guys and then stop to think "OMG!? They are under 20...ugh...well it works."

It's fine that I'm freaking at being 25 just because it is considered a quarter of a century old.

So....I'm going to stop, smell the roses, admire the fine men out there, and try to think of what I want to accomplish before I turn 30.


OneBigMistake, andSome said...

So many thoughts I recognized being that I turned 25 a few months ago ... very point on as usual ... and yes as long as they are over 20, it is totally fine :) also if they don't speak the same language as us, I think it is fine too. We are under 30 after all :)

Mallory said...

I turn 24 next month.
I feel unyouthful.

Erin said...

It is absolutely okay to still want to order of the kids menu what are you talking about?! I wish they didn't say twelve and under.

Angi said...

Don't fret, the 5 year stretch between 25 and 30 feels like ages. I'm turning 30 in June and I can barely even remember what 25 felt like. :)

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

I love your 25 year old self! Can't wait to act like we are 19 this weekend:):)