Thursday, January 17, 2013

Time For A Name Change

Hmmm.....anyone notice anything different today?

Come on, I know you can probably tell what it is....

Yep, I'm no longer Simple Single Girl Life....I'm now hanging out at Wine Fueled Girl.

I thought it was time for a change and I was getting really tired of a) writing that name out every time and b) seeing the word Single all over the damn place.

I'd seriously would like to thank Courtney at because she is a dream to work with and it only took her less then 10 hours to get everything done that I had requested. 

Last night instead of getting to spend a quiet night working on things I wanted to work on I had to get my house together and plan on my mom picking my dog up for the day. 
I honestly hate when my apartment complex decides the day before to leave a note on my door letting me know that our building is up for "preventative maintenance". I seriously feel like, oh I don't know, they should give us a bit more advanced notice. 
What if I was one of those people who works all night and sleeps during the day?! 

I'm not working this weekend so I think tomorrow I'm going to try and rest up as much as possible because Saturday and Sunday I'm going to be one busy little bee!


That's What She Read said...

Hi Wine Fueled Girl! Love the name!!

Erin said...

Ahh I've been wanting to change mine too but I'm scared!

holli said...

Love the new name!

Michael said...

I like the new name! Ooh and the button! Love! Want to swap? Either way I'm taking yours ;)

My best friends blog said...

We just found you from the blog hop! We love your blog and hope you will check us out.