Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Why Do I Do My Job Again?!

A lot of you are familiar with the fact that I work for a hotel, I'm also the guest services manager at said hotel. This simply put means that I'm the person who checks on reservations, reviews inventory, and has to deal with almost all of the complaints no matter how big or small.
On a daily basis I will sit in my tiny office that has no privacy and think as to why I continue to do what I do. I get screamed at almost daily and people seem to think I'm out there to make their stay a living hell. When I get this way I'll watch this little ray of sunshine (which basically sums up my job) and it will make me feel better.

Yep, that's what I deal with and what almost every single person who works in a hotel wants to say. I try to keep my job and blog separate but today I'm feeling like sharing some of the crowning moments and some helpful tips.
1) It's 10pm at night and we are sold out and a guest is coming to check in. Guest "Hi, I was wondering if I could get a free upgrade." Me "sadly we are sold out today so there are none available. I do apologize." Guest" What do you mean there are none available?! Do you know who I am?!" Me "Yes, You are Mr. Smith who works for Such and Such and I'm sorry but you can't have an upgrade." Guest "You need to give me an upgrade!" Me "Ok, well you're boss who booked an upgraded room type has already checked in. Would you like for me to contact him to see if he would be willing to give you his room?" Guest "how do I get to my room?"
2) We had a guest who was a "doctor" who also had a small man complex staying with us for a while. While we were working he came rushing up to the desk all panicky saying that there was a naked woman he didn't know in his room passed out and he needed help. We were very confused but walked ourselves down to his room. Low and behold there was a naked woman laying on his bed holding an open container of Vaseline and her fingers placed in a very not good place. We asked him how the woman got in to the room and he said he had left his door propped open while he went out to his car and when he came back he found her. We proceeded to try and dress her while trying to wake her up. She was staying with us with a Proctor and Gamble conference and we heard her coworkers looking for her. We told the guy to close the door and leave the room and we finally got drunky mcnaked up and dressed and out of his room.
Let's just say she checked out the next day.
3) Guy walks into the hotel and asks if he can have a room. We kindly informed him that we are sold out and we have no rooms available. He looks at us like we are nuts and shouts "You have no rooms at all in the hotel I can have?!" We kindly inform him that we are sold out meaning we have no rooms. He replied with "You mean there are no rooms at all in the hotel I can take?!" (Side note: if a hotel tells you that they are sold out, they are sold out. In no way shape or form does it make sense for us to turn away business when we are going to TRY and sell out.) We kept informing the man we were sold out which he kindly informed us we could go fuck ourselves and that he KNOWS we have rooms that we are holding and we were just being bitches.
Yep, you are correct sir.
Those are just a few not including the time the guy jumped over the counter to yell at me, I got calls from some guy every day for a week trying to have phone sex with me, the guy from the middle east who asked me to marry him and join his other wives, the kids that were left at the hotel, or the tornado.
Now on to a few helpful tips for the traveling person.
1) Don't piss off the person who is going to pick where you sleep for the night. We WILL put you in a crap room if you treat us like shit before you even show up at the hotel.
2) Don't demand an upgrade. If you are nice, celebrating something, and treating us like as long as you have a room to sleep in you are great, we will do our best to upgrade you if we have it.
3) Take the comforter and decorative pillows off the bed. A lot of hotels have done away with those but if you happen to stay someplace that hasn't, don't sleep with them. It takes a long time for those to dry and hotels want to cut back on wait times on rooms. They will usually wash those once a month.
4) Bed bugs don't mean the hotel is dirty. Trust me. If you happen to be traveling and you end up sadly running into them don't freak and think you are in a dirty room. 9 times out of 10 those little suckers jumped a ride in the luggage part of the plane and stayed for a ride. Also, you can pick up bed bugs at the movie theater, doctors office, NBC, shoe name it you can find one there. Most hotels will pay to have your clothes cleaned and get you new luggage.
5) Don't treat the agent like shit because something went wrong. I understand you're upset but yelling at the poor girl because your room wasn't cleaned isn't her fault. She didn't clean your room, she is just standing there trying to deal with pleasant people like yourself.
6) Call the hotel in advance and find out their incidental charges policies. When you check in to a hotel you HAVE to give a credit card in person for security reasons. If you give the person a debit card the computer is going to take out the total for room and tax PLUS an additional amount for incidentals. If you travel with not enough money you might end up with over draft fees. Also, try to use one card for hotel and one for rental car so you don't end up with no money.
Have any of you traveled and had an interesting encounter with a hotel? Have you ever been witness to a person freaking at the front desk just for them to find out that their husband made the reservation for the wrong dates?


Clare Brown said...

Some people are just plain rude!

Love this post, hubby away a lot on business & sees this behaviour lots - proud to report he always remembers his manners & names!

Mrs Brown's Thoughts

Jaime Hungry said...

I used to work in a hotel, you'll meet some of the most entitles assholes in that industry.

Angi said...

#2!?!?! WTFFFFF!!!?!?!?!?!??

Is it terrible that I've actually encountered so many rude hotel employees that it makes me wish I never had to stay in another hotel again?? (Not yourself I'm sure...maybe it's an Alaska thing!)

Anna Hutcheson said...

I should write one of these about customer service at my job!! The things people say & do!!

holli said...

I travel ALOT with my job and have witnessed many rude situations like you mentioned.
I know to be friendly because the front desk has helped me countless times. I swear there was one young man in New Jersey who made me feel at home and even gave me a ride in his own car with the shuttle was away. I was so thankful!

itsmekt said...

Ive stayed at quite a few hotels, and ive seen some people be so freakin rude! golden rule, treat others the way you want to be treated. We've been learning this since we could talk, it confuses me to no ended that theres ppl out there that still cant understand this, and there usually the ones who sit there at the end of the day wondering why there lifes shit! customer service is a hell of a job, props to you, and thanks for the laugh, #2 killed me, I litterly couldnt stop laughin, ..thats awkward, prob more for