Friday, January 18, 2013

Wow, Great Start to the Weekend

I'm sure you are all aware by now that something happened yesterday that is hard for me to say.
I got hacked
There, I said it. It's out there, I can't take it back even if I wanted to. I just want to curl up in a whole, write an apology letter, then go kick some ass in the nads.
I'm guessing my hacker was a guy because no woman would be using my twitter to talk about weight loss plans.
Today is Friday, I know....I was thinking the same is it Friday already?!
I'm ok with it since this is my first 3 day weekend off in a very long time and I'm planning on enjoying every moment of it.
My apartment is clean (thanks mom for finishing my half ass cleaning job), I've shaved my legs (trust me, for this weekend they need to be), my fancy bra is nice and wash (also needed for this weekend), and I've got my game face on.
Tomorrow my besties Nikki and Hallie are going out for Hallie's Bachelorette party! We are doing dinner, country bar, and hotel room. We aren't going that far, only about 45 minutes from where Hallie and I live, so there is hope I can maybe lasso myself a handsome cowboy.
Side Note: I don't like country music but I plan on having a lot of alcohol so that I will enjoy the country music.
I'm looking forward to hunting for cowboys since I really don't feel like ending up like this guy.
I want to have a real life boyfriend.....not a pretend one that I never met in person and I'm lying about.
I'm heading to Spencer's today after picking up my paycheck (my job is old school and doesn't believe in direct deposit) to grab some very exciting things for this weekend.
There is a button that says "she's not single but I am".
Yep, I'm getting it.
Also, something not related at all.....I just found out the Friday before my birthday there are going to be male strippers in town that inspired Magic Mike.
Happy Birthday to Me!!!
You ladies have any big plans for this weekend?!

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