Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wow, You Do Suck At Selling Cars

This year I'm going to do my best to get myself a new car.
I drive a 1997 Ford Escort "Luxury" addition.
Meaning it came with power windows and locks and had a cassette player.
Oldie (it's her new name) now has 140,000 miles on her and I think it is time to pass her on to another loving family....or the junk yard.
Oldie's radio plays music but you can't change the channel or turn it off, the back windows don't go down, the back bumper is rusting up a storm, paint is fading, she makes a weird noise, starting her up is a hit or miss, A/C and heat don't work right now, and the list goes on.
I decided on Thursday to go to Ford to look at their Fiesta and KIA to look at their Rio. I don't need anything big, it's just me and I don't plan on having kids any time soon. I hit Ford up first because of the fact a) it was closer to my house b) we have bought almost every car from there and c) all of our maintenance work gets done by them. I pulled up and there were the vultures just waiting for someone to con into paying more for a car than it was worse. My Vulture was names David and I could tell I was not going to like him right off the bat. I informed David I wasn't looking to by that day but I was shopping around and I was trying to decide between a Fiesta and a Rio. He walked me by the brand new Fiestas just saying "so those are the new ones" and walked me to a used one that had just been brought in and wasn't even cleaned yet. It was locked and so I of course couldn't look in to it. He asked me how much I wanted to pay and tried to get me to buy this used thing right then even though he wouldn't show me new which is what I wanted. He suggests we look at other used cars but decides to take a call before we get in the golf cart to drive 2 feet to the used dealership. We just drive by some cars, he spats numbers at me, then hands me his card and says "Well, when you're ready just tell me and we will get you a car."
Ok asshole, first I'm pissed because I waned you to SELL me the car not just throw numbers. I wanted to test drive one because that is my big thing to see if I'm comfortable in it. You didn't give me any information to take home. You basically decided that because I wasn't buying that day I wasn't worth your time.
I'm writing a letter to his boss to share my thoughts.
It's pretty good.
After dealing with him I drove down to KIA and prepared myself for another "David". I walked up and there were no Vultures which threw me for a loop. A woman opened the door for me to welcome me to Sunset KIA. She asked me what I needed help with and I informed her I was looking for information on the Rio and I was trying to decide between that and a Fiesta. She told me she thought Fiestas were cute and walked me over to a Rio. She opened the door, told me to sit down and started telling me about features and pricing. She showed me a couple of different other Rios (new and used) and then offered to let me test drive any one I wanted. We drove around and I fell in love with the car. She gave me a packet, told me a website to use to look for used Rios and sent me on my way. She even wasn't bothered if I didn't buy with her but was trying to help me find a car I loved.
Before I left I informed her that she needed to head over to Ford and teach all the men how to sell a car because I will be back to see her after I have the down payment. I then informed my mom and grandma, who are also looking for another car, and they are now thinking of getting away from the same dealership that they have been using since I was a baby.
Men, they never think before they act.


holli said...

Good for you on writing a letter to Davids boss! Its because of that loser that the dealership will lose loyal customers.
Good luck on your new car!

Jaime Hungry said...

Salesmen of any kind drive me up the freakin wall!