Thursday, February 28, 2013

I Don't Even Know Why This Was Posted

I guess I should write a post....I mean it has kind of been radio silence over in these parts.
If you stop reading you might be able to hear the crickets or the sound of someone boring writing.

I guess this is what happens when your life has been busy busy and then it goes back to hermit mode and you just run out of things to write about.
I mean honestly, would you all like to hear about how I sat at home all day in my pj's and watched random shows and played computer games yesterday? No? See I didn't think so.
I mean....I can share that with you...the whole....

7:10am: woke up scared because someone sent me an email and then fed the dog.

7:15am: tried to force my dog's "heartburn medicine" down her throat which she continued to spit back out

7:18am: gave up on the pill and then crawled back into bed

9:50am: woke up and took a shower

10:05am: laid on the couch with the cat and watched Hulu for way too long

11:45am: made coffee and scrambled eggs

Yeah...I just put myself to sleep on reading all that.
I DID get my butt out of my apartment around 3ish to head over to my BRAND SPANKING NEW STORAGE UNIT!

Yeah, see, my life is really anticlimactic.
I mean this unit is pretty sweet and big
hehe that's what she said
when you punch the code at the gate in it turns off the motion sensor on your unit. If you didn't enter in the code and someone knocks into the door it sets off an alarm and takes the person's picture. Also, if I forget to lock my unit (hehe) it causes the camera to watch my door until I fix it.
I know....exciting.

Now, while I was driving to my little closet to put the new lock on I saw some pretty sketchy people and I started to wonder what people were storing in these things. I mean come on, I've seen enough movies and TV shows to know someone might be hiding a body in a cooler or $5 mil.
Yeah, I need to stop watching so much TV.

Wow, I just reread everything I wrote and I cried a little on the inside. Oh an up note I'm actually doing something Saturday soooo I should get some good material out of that!

I'm going to leave you though with a picture of the crack brownie cupcakes I made last night because well....I forgot to take them to work with me and I know I'm probably going to have one for dinner instead of cooking something semi healthy.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cara Box: #ClubSexy

Woohoo! Cara Box reveal time!

I was paired up with two pretty awesome ladies Melissa @ The Eyes of a Boy was my giver and Amy @ Life's Little Adventures was my receiver. 
This month was based on #ClubSexy so we had to design a date night for our ladies!

It was amazing fun getting to know these two and I can tell we will for sure continue chatting in the future. Ms. Amy lives in the Bahamas so I'm not exactly sure when her box reaches her but I can't wait to hear what she thought of everything!

Now Ms. Melissa was SUPER involved and asked some questions I wouldn't even think of! I think Melissa knows me a lot better then some people in my life now, haha. She is one awesome lady and her story about the beginning of her journey to being a mom was really moving.

I was SO excited when I got home to this little bad boy!

She wrote such a nice card that I put it up on my TV stand

Some sexy red polish to spice a night out on the town

Pretty charms to put onto my wine glasses that I tend to use from time to time.

Blue yarn I've never used before so I'm pretty excited for this!

She was even kind enough to provide a toy for Sky!!!!

O and I can't forget the gift card to Starbucks which has been used already!

Like I said, she did SUCH an amazing job and I'm so happy she was my Cara Box lady!

Weekend Review: Well What I Can Remember...

You ever have one of those birthdays that just keep on going?
I'm having one of those and I'm retiring the celebrating starting now because I don't think my body can take much more.

We all know that last weekend I celebrated with my mom and grandma and my two besties and their husbands. 

The day before my birthday I got to relax, spend time with the neighbor friend who keeps showing up, and chill in line to get my tags renewed while some guy growled at me. My actual birthDAY rolled around and my mom did a pretty great guest post and then when I came home from work she had decorated my whole apartment from top to bottom! She also got me wine for my birthday which I'm not going to complain about.

My "sister" Ashley has her birthday a day before mine, which I always tease about because she is exactly a day older then me, and she was in town visiting her family. My other "sister" Megan decided that since Ashley was in town, which hardly happens, that she would drive her butt down to see us for a night of drinking!

Me, Megan, Ashley - 6th grade and today
All day Saturday I was jumping up and down in my seat super excited for the coming evening because even though we've been friends for almost 20 years the 3 of us have never been drunk together past the age of 21. We almost lost Ashley for our drunken evening but friendship guilt worked its magic and she showed. We met at the bar at 8:30, let's remember that time, and went straight for the liquor.
Tequila, Birthday Cake Shots, Vodka, Long Islands, Beer and Wine.
I'm missing a few sections of the night but it's all good.

The thing I love about our friendship is that even though the three of us haven't lived in the same town since high school and we don't speak very often, but when we get together it is like nothing matters. We share a little on work, we quickly speak about their bf's, and just talk about the most random shit.

The bartenders had us listed under girls x3, which we joyously informed each bartender who asked for our names. We made friends with the bartender Jay who decided we were the best things of his night. He would randomly walk by and catch us chatting about how I seem to collect people who have birthdays around mine or how Ashley could possibly become a serial killer if she really wanted to or if having sex with a woman counts towards that "number" or if talking about vibrators in restaurants is appropriate or not.
Like I said, the three of us together is probably the funniest thing, just ask my mom.

At 11:30 we had decided to call it a night, well....more like we decided to go to Steak and Shake and then call it a night because the amount of alcohol in our system was beyond crazy.
Off to Steak and Shake we went where we scarfed down some oh so greasy burgers and tiny little fries.

Sunday I spent the day at work nursing coffee and then just curled in a ball on my couch and slept.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend!!!!!
I'm now off to drop my dog at the vet because she's sick and I'm not sure what's wrong.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There Once Was A Girl Named Brie, Who Had An Issue With A Steed

I believe horses are out to get me.
I'm not sure why but I just really think that they are. 

Let's review,

Ever since I was a small little tike I've been in love with horses.
When I say love I mean I would actually freak if I saw one.  I'm the annoying person who still walks up to cops and ask if I can pet the horsey because he/she is just too darn cute not to!
Side Note: The cop will sometimes let you pet the horse but the horse is considered an officer....sooooo, it's kind of like asking to pet the cop.
A little frowned upon but they might just let you do it.
Continuing on...

First example:

When I was 11 my love for those big old cuties got to a pretty critical obsession so much so that my lovely mother, god love her, decided to send me to horse back riding camp BEFORE she shipped me off to sleep away came, and then sent me again when I returned.
I was in love...SO much love. I didn't care that I smelled, that I had to handle poop and pee, and that I was hot and sweaty. 
I was happy.
I'm not sure what happened, maybe I offended one of the horses, but sadly one had a beef with me that I was not aware of.
It started out like any normal day, I had put on my helmet, had my boots on, saddled and bridled my horse and went out for my lesson. We were doing pretty well until the dogs on the property decided that they felt like chasing something and spooked him.
Up in the air I went and down onto the ground I fell.
On my back.
I cried.
The instructor told me to brush myself off and get back on the horse.
Side Note Again: Yes, if you fall off a horse get back on. No, if a horse kicks you off because it is scared don't get back on.
Back onto the horse I went and back onto the ground I fell.
On my back.
Again, I cried.
They tried to stick me BACK on and I refused and so the owner finally put me on a gentle horse and just walked me around.
I now have a dislocated back and my hips aren't even from the way my muscles grew to support to issue.

Second example:

A few months after my horse throwing issue one of my neighbor "friends" asked me to go riding with her. I jumped at the chance and off we went. While we were there I saw a few girls from camp and I was planning on a great time. My horse was pretty awesome and I was ready for a long trail ride. It started off great until my horse got it into his wonderful mind that we should go for a run. I never got up to FULL OUT RUN YOUR FREAKING ASS OFF speed so this was a bit of a shock. I did my best to calm the horse down.
 Which it did
 When we reached a lake
 The horse thought it would be a brilliant idea to go play in said lake.
I was not amused.

Third example:

Last year this time I was driving like I normally do because I have a car and a licence.
I know, shocker.
I was turning off a street where the speed limit is 45mph onto a street that the first .0005 feet is also 45mph then drops to 30 mph. I kind of sort of kept going close to the 45mph past the sign and started to slow down but sadly I did not slow down enough in time.
I got clocked
by a cop
on a horse.
I'll give you a moment to stop laughing as I know you are since my friends like to ask if the horse had lights on it's head.
I shall inform you that the horse was far enough down the road that he and the human sitting on him walked out into the road and pointed at me to pull over. I of course did as he asked since hitting the horse was out of the question.
I pulled over and had to get out of the car since the cop was a bit high up for my tiny little vehicle.
I think the horse actually liked me and the human was being the ass because the whole time I was standing there the horse kept trying to walk up to me but the man kept pulling him away. Now that I think about it maybe they were doing a good cop bad cop kind of deal and the horse was the bad cop who was going to try and rough me up and the human was trying to stop him so I didn't lodge a complaint!
I wasn't really paying attention to the fact I got a ticket, I mean yeah MY BAD, but I was more focused on not asking if I could pet the horse. I feel like it wouldn't work well in my favor to ask to play with the horsey while I was getting in trouble. Since I wasn't really paying attention to the human cop he took it as I was being nice and actually gave me a "discount" on my ticket.
Works for me.

Well ladies and gents....that is my case as to why I think horses and I have an issue but I still love their cute little faces!
I'm actually trying to find a place so I can go riding from time to time and I'm sure this will back fire and I'll get hurt, again.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Post From My Mom

My Mom today is taking over this little ol' blog of mine. I posted this at 2:08 pm aka the time I was born so I'm going to let without further ado here she is!

 photo 7f029cc9-2830-4be2-92c3-8bd5f2441cf5_zps1d55368a.jpg

Thank you for letting me share some of your space to honor you on celebrating your 25th Birthday!!!

It is amazing how life starts and how from the moment those two little itsy, bitsy organisms meet, you can control and take over a grown woman’s life! You controlled so many lives even before you hit the air :
- the bus driver who knew us so well and had to make an additional stop along the way to work so that I could get off and lose my breakfast.
- my staff who understood when I walked away for a quick nap in the corner or knowing how much I hated pea soup and ham sandwiches but you loved them.
- the staff at Ho Jo’s who had a large chocolate milk to go every day at two o’clock in the afternoon.
- your cousins who couldn’t wait for all the great snacks to show up in their house and all they got was Devil Dogs.
- the poor policeman who was out directing traffic and you decided it was time for mom’s legs to go out in the middle of a busy intersection.
and of course,
- the poor doctor who waited for you to decide when the timing was right--- teasing him on the 7th, threatening on the 14th and causing an ulcer by choosing the date he had tickets for Phantom Of The Opera!!!

You were the boss and I was along for the ride. Even on the day of your birth, you took the Birthing Room away from a big New York attorney--- first come, first serve!
You have gifted the world with your presence! You have been loved by so many people and captured everyone with your smiling big eyes!!
- A fashion statement for Aunt Grace who carried you all over in the baby Bjorn.
- A pal of Buffy’s always getting in Iris’s way while she took care of Uncle John.
- Speaking Spanish with Lydia so I needed an interpreter. Water was not in your vocabulary but Aqua was! - Stealing your grandmother’s earring the first time you met her.

You grew, you shined!
- Dancing in malls, nursing homes and with Pop Pop to Laurence Welk.
- Being the lead in the school play and not afraid to sing in school or church, even joining the opera.
- You and Ashley trying out for soccer as a joke and making the team!
- Challenging me with the IB program and proving you could do it.

Dreams of college but love took you on different journey. You came back years later, smarter, wiser, and stronger. You grew within a career and have earned the respect of many. Demonstrated a desire to spread your wings with your own apartment with your own distinctive tastes. A blog for people to mingle and share in parts of your life. A small business keeping people warm with a trade you learned from YouTube. Researching a new car and taking a stand not to be ignored. Strength to help your mom and grandma with a new car, new camera, and dealing with modern technology. A minor set back is uprooting you again but I know you’ll survive this also with a new outlook on life.

You are a treasure and you have fantastic friends and a family who love you.
Have a beautiful 25th birthday and thank you for continuing to grow within my life.

Love always,

We Have a Winner!


I've emailed the winner at 12:24 AM to let her know she is one lucky lady of this pretty thing: 
And Ad space from three lovey ladies!

I'm so excited that we have a winner you have no idea. I was also wishing that we wouldn't have a winner so that I could end up keeping the purse, wishful thinking right!?

I'm off to bed (I'm writing this late so don't judge) and have a full day of work ahead of me. I think I'm going to take myself out for drinks tonight though....hmmmm maybe a hot guy will get me drunk and I can really enjoy my birthday. Wait, I kind of did that already, o well I'm only 25 once....anyhooser, stop back around 2:08 PM for a very special guest post from someone in my life that means the world to me! 

Also, to all of my new followers who are planning on staying around and enjoying my blog I thank you o so very much! It is followers like you that make blogging so worth it and I can't wait to share more of my wine fueled journey with you! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Literary Junkies Link Up!!!

Hey beautiful ladies!
It's time for one of my favorite link ups since I'm a giant bookworm who always has her Nook on her so let's get started!

1. What are you reading right now? Tell us about it.

Right now I'm reading Beautiful Darkness which is starting out kind of slow for me because it just screams of being too much of the beginning of the first one with the slow moving. I'm starting to get mad at Lena with her Debbie Downer thing but I'm sure it will work out once we get farther in. I'm hoping since I really enjoyed reading the first one. 

 2. Give us the recipe for a great book.
Hmmmm.....let me see here. I need strong characters but not the kind where you want to kill them because you think they are being stupid. Throw in some great love, a bit of action, some twists and turns that will blow my mind, and have an ending where I can sit there and feel good about how things turned out. Yeah, I basically just described a great night in fits for a great book also though ;)

 3. Tell us things you've learned from a book recently. Did you learn anything about history? Did you take away a deep & profound realization about the world around you? Or maybe even a beauty tip?
Wow ladies, good questions this week. The Beautiful series has left me with wanting to be a witch again (I always wanted to be one when I was a kid). Yeah, I know, lame but that is what happens sometimes when reading YA haha. 

4. What was your favorite book as a child?
Well,  when I was little I really loved Three Billy Goats Gruff and wanted to impress my parents with how I learned to read. 

I ended up memorizing it from when they read it for me and attempted to pretend how to read it to them. They figured it out.  I mean I was like 4 or 5 or something, don't judge. 
I also loved Harry Potter to where I made my mother get me the book RIGHT when it came out and I wouldn't leave me room for a couple days because I was just so into the book I couldn't remember to eat or drink, I for sure as hell didn't sleep. This started a bad habit as I still do that to this day. It causes issues as I have to work for a living and my body needs sleep or else I'm useless. 

Since this is book related I went and saw Beautiful Creatures in theaters yesterday. This has some spoilers so if you haven't read the book and want to you might not want to read this, sorry.  OK, I'm never a fan of books into movies but I end up going to see them because I just want to see if the movie hit on anything I pictured while reading. This movie.....NO! OK, sure, you got some Southern sounding people and you put it in a southern setting. Good job movie location people. What got me was.....they just changed things SO MUCH! They cut out my favorite character (who is playing  a big part in the second book so far). Amma they ruined, just made her a younger seer instead of the older, loving, motherly, gifted woman with the crazy charms. They introduced the locket in the VERY beginning and then down played it's importance. They NEVER introduced us to Ethan's father. Ethan's mother was special, not just some woman who died in a car accident you stupid mean people! She was basically involved in caster world, might be haunting Ethan, and was brilliant, GAH! They took away the song, THE DAMN FREAKING SONG! They made the Caster library the big part of the movie which she went into ONE FREAKING TIME! OMG! They didn't include how Lena's kisses can kill Ethan which is why they can't get too involved. HOW DARE YOU MAKE ETHAN FORGET STUPID SCRIPT WRITERS! Also, you ruined the ending. Yeah, great you added a freaking twister that sucked up towns people because THAT sounds like a great idea but you ruined it, just ruined it. Sure, if I hadn't read the book I'd like the movie but I didn't, not at all. 
OK, I'm done with my rant. BTW that is how you can tell a real reader from someone who reads from time to time, we go crazy when they ruin our book in a movie. 

OK, I'm off to go register my car before I forget and I hope you are all ready to find out who is the big winner because I'll reveal that tomorrow!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Very Bad Start to a Great Birthday Weekend

Friday was a day I'm not going to forget and not likely in a good way. 

I worked over a 10 hour shift Friday night which wasn't unusual as I have to do that from time to time. When I got home after 11 pm everything seemed normal, I had forgotten to leave a light on inside but the radio was on inside and Sky was being quiet. I opened the door and noticed that the door jam wasn't exactly attached to the wall. I turned on the lights thinking Sky had gotten out and ate the door and discovered that she was still in the cage. I just stood there in shock not knowing what to do. I let Sky out of the cage and then checked the apartment to make sure nothing was missing and that no one was still in the apartment. 

I called the cops and informed them that my apartment had been broken into and nothing was missing. While I was waiting on the officer I texted my mom and called Nikki to just have someone to talk to while I waited. The officer showed up and I explained to him what had happened and that I did not know anyone who would do something like this. I was thrown off a little bit by the guy because he was 6'7'' and was from England which I would never expect from the area I live in. He gave me my case number and informed me to let him know if I found anything missing. I called the apartment complex and asked for maintenance to come over since I couldn't lock my door. 

When the maintenance guy got here he found some keys under a leaf near my door so I called the cop back and handed them over as evidence. The maintenance guy used 8 screws to attach a 2x4 to my door and scheduled a fix on Monday so I would be ok.

It amazes me that people are that stupid to do things like this. After brain storming with people we think maybe the person was drunk, was at the wrong apartment, and tried to get in and when that didn't work they broke the door down to be greeted with a very angry dog and they slammed the door shut again. 

Oh well, a crappy start to my birthday weekend didn't ruin anything for me. Saturday I woke up way too early and caught up on some reading. I packed up the dog, dropped her off at my mom's and then went to start my transformation. Hair, nails, and make amazing relaxing day especially after the night before. 

I got to enjoy an amazing lunch which provided an Iced White Chocolate coffee

I always find it amazing what hair and make up makes a difference. 

love fake eyelashes
After pampering I went out to an amazing dinner with the folks (got to see the hot waiter) and then headed out to the White Buffalo (new local country bar) and had an amazing time! We got to hang out in the DJ booth at the end and I realized that I still have the awesome drinking ability that I used to. 

It was one of the best birthdays I've had and I'm so thankful for all of the people that are in my life. Yes, the weekend started out like crap but it sure as hell turned into a great memory. 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Coach Purse Birthday Giveaway!!!!

Wow, the time has come. 
I'm turning the big 25

Ok, I wont be 25 till the 20th but still....
When you're sitting there at 5 thinking of being 25....wait no one is thinking about being 25 when they are 5 years old who am I kidding.
When you're sitting there at 10 thinking of being 25 you assume that is the age when people die. 
When you're 15 thinking of being 25 it seems so amazing because you can be an adult and free of your parents.
When you're 20 thinking of being 25 you think that it is 5 years away, no need to think about it, wrong. 

I've decided to give one of you lucky ladies something I would want for my 25th birthday. 

This bad boy (MSRP $358) is oh so pretty in person and smells heavenly. Don't judge me, you know you would smell it. I've contemplated not giving it away just because I've fallen in love since it has been chilling in my closet. 

A few ladies have joined in to help me give away this amazing purse and we are also giving away 3 ad spaces!

2) Kim @ The KO Story
3) Jess @ Tooth N Nails
5) Alyse @ The Enchanted Owl

Well ladies I can't wait to see who is going to be the winner! The giveaway ends on Tuesday the 19th at midnight and I'll announce the winner on the 20th! Yep, on my big day one of you ladies will be getting a present!
I'm sorry but this is only for people who have a US residence.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
The Browse

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Its Ok

Hello to all of you new pretty ladies!!!!! 
To all of my followers that have been around for a while I still love you too!
Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been a really really really long time since I've done an It's OK so I figured why not.

It's Ok...

that work has been crazy and I need to have a 15 hour nap soon

that I am breaking out like I just hit puberty

that I'm addicted to Uncrustables which are meant for children under 10

that I'd be happy if I could only have coffee and strawberry banana smoothies

that I'm still getting worried about my job but feeling more at ease since I have a strong family

that I'm a little upset that I wasn't able to find the perfect outfit for this weekend but I'm still planning on making it a great one

that I'm very happy that I wasn't born today since it was my original due date

that I'm really jealous of whoever is going to win my giveaway item that starts tomorrow morning

that I am wanting to shave all my hair off since it never wants to do what I want it to

that I'm going to try again this year to get the restaurant to give me the recipe of the item they only make for my birthday

that I'm a little jealous my mom is going to get a new car sooner than me but I know she has to since her car was in an accident and they ended up totaling it. Dumb snow birds.

that I find it funny my parents found a bond in the safe deposit box that belongs to me so woohoo! free money!

that Saturday I might be plastered and can not be held responsible for any of my actions

that I'm a little bummed that my office wont be decorated this year like it was last time because my work friend doesn't work with me anymore

It's not ok that I haven't started my work out video...I need to, the darn thing is sitting on top of the DVD player

Well ladies I'm now going to bang my head against a wall with work being so busy this week and please stop by tomorrow for my giveaway. You are not going to want to miss it!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hunter Boot Giveaway!

Wow ladies this month we are pretty busy with giveaways! 
I'm joining in this week with someone I would honestly be friends with in an instant in real life if we lived closer, Erin from Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink to give away one of her favorite things! She loves them so much that when she does get married one day she is wearing them with her pretty white dress! See what I mean, she is just plain awesomeness. 

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

 That's right, you could win a pair of Hunters in your color choice for free! 
All you have to do is complete as many entries as possible to give yourself the highest chance of winning a pair of these beauts. And while you're at it, get to know the awesome group of bloggers that love Hunters just as much as they love being kind enough to give a pair away.

Tess :: Anne :: Jenna  :: Marianna :: Monica
     Sarah  :: Brie  :: Shannon  :: Kelly :: Janna     
a Rafflecopter giveaway
***Please note that this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents***

Monday, February 11, 2013

Reasons Why I Will Always Be A City Girl

People like to tell me that just because I was born in Manhattan doesn't mean I'm a city girl. 
I hate to disagree with you there sir or madame because my family is all from Manhattan and let's just say born and raised New Yorkers don't forget what city life is like. I know I will always be a city girl and I've got some reasons to prove it. 

1) Even when I was younger and would visit Manhattan there was just something about it that made me feel like I was at home. I'm not saying that I'm going to make it big there at home, but just being in that city of hustle and bustle gives me a sense of calm. I'm so relaxed while I'm in that city that I just don't care about anything and I'm just able to go with anything. I know it seems a little weird to some people when I say those things but that city is my heart and soul. I would love to live there one day, I don't have to, but it will be that place I go to get away. Screw the Bahamas  give me an afternoon in central park with a book on top of my rock and I'm happy.

2) I sleep like the dead when there are large amounts of noise going on. Put me in a cabin in the woods with chirping crickets and I'll go insane and stay up all night thinking some kind of murderer might be out to get me. Let me sleep in a room with the windows open with car alarms, screaming people, and sirens going off and I'm fast asleep and waking more rested then ever before. I've told people before if they want to buy me a sleep machine it better have city sounds recorded because I'm not going to fall asleep to the sounds of the rain forest. 

3) I almost married a boy from Ohio  When I say Ohio most people think of Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Glee. What I mean when I say Ohio is bfe Ohio where there is one house..........10 miles later there is another house........10 more miles and we might see one more house. I can't do that, I just can't. Luckily when I lived up there we lived in a normal town where I knew there were people around me but if I was asked to move out in the boonies I would probably scream and run away. Actual screaming and running would probably happen and I would be sent to the loony bin where only the sounds of taxis honking their horns would calm me down. 

4) He had an uncle cousin. I'm going to give you a moment to read that part over and just think it through. 
Ok, we back on track?
Yes, one of his family members in this distant part of Ohio where there was one Walmart, the DHL airfield, and a McDonald's, was his uncle cousin. 
His mother's oldest sister married her step father (my ex's mother's father) and had a child with him. So his uncle is the daughter of his oldest aunt. 
I'm sorry....I can't handle things like that. I actually thought I was in a Jerry Springer episode and I live in the same freakin town as Mr. Springer. 
Oh and his uncle cousin was born without a way to go number two but that is another story that I'm not going to get into because I am still confused. 

5) I need things near by to the point where I will sit in my car and debate if there is a way for me to not have to drive an extra 5 minutes so I can get what I want. I'm not lazy, I just expect to have things done when I need them done and I don't want to wait if I don't have to. I remember getting made at my easy bake oven because it took too freakin long for the light bulb to cook my fake cake. Side Note: I'm still amazed that they let little kids have a toy where a light bulb cooked food and then they actually let us eat the stuff we made. Kids these days are weak. Anyways, if I ever have to live someplace where I might have to drive a half hour to get something I need that is an every day item I will have to move.

Yeah, ok, I know.....not the best reasons and a little shallow BUT they are my reasons soooooo hush yo face. 
I'm a bit curious, are you ladies city or country girls?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Superlative Yourself

Hello lovies!!!!!
So.....go join the giveaway for a pretty Tiffany's necklace. I'm not including a link because I think you should be smart enough to scroll down to the next post below this one to enter.
I know, I have faith in you, don't disappoint me.

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world in which I have actually admitted to loving her and then knew it got a little creepy is doing a little link up today. Ms. Erin at Shade of Gray and a Pinch of Pink is doing a what superlative would you win these days subject which since I won nothing in high school because I was not one of the popular kids I'm all for!

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

I nominate myself for most likely to......

Be that girl that drops suggestive sentences when drunk

Raise her hands in the air and say "weeeee" when going over a hill

Try to be a stay at home wife who ends up working from home

Never have a love for cleaning

Attempt to move to New York City and then get mad at tourists

Continue to love the word spork but never really know when to use them

Never stop screaming at people while driving because it is safer then crashing my car into them

Find brand new gum packages under her seats months after buying them

Have a chance to be a crazy cat lady

Become a hermit

Spend money on wine before food

Never turn down a turkey sandwich

Have tattoos but be afraid of piercings because of the needles

Want to wear heels but then realise she can't and have to walk around barefoot

Allow her friends to wear her bra on their heads because they think it is hilarious

Do her best to avoid vegetables because they taste icky cooked

Be a picky eater but eat foods some people wouldn't touch

Never be able to figure out how to decorate or dress myself

Find dirty suggestiveness in anything no matter her age

A Giveaway Featuring That Pretty Blue Box

Yes, you read that top portion correctly!
February is chock-full-o-nuts aka girls who share my birthday month. Some of the best people I know share this month with me hehe.
So let's get this shindig on the move!

What happens when this little girl

( She was REALLY excited about that robe!)

And this little girl

(She has the BEST hair!)

Grow up, start blogs, find each other's blogs, become 
Blog BFFs and THEN 
discover that their birthdays are just a day apart?

They decided to celebrate it together by giving YOU a chance to win
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A Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Pendant

What's better than having a Tiffany necklace hanging around your neck?
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So we've teamed up with these lovely ladies to give you the chance to win! 

Clockwise from top left:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Satchel's Last Resort

Holy Moley Ladies thanks so much for all the kind words and support from yesterday. I didn't write it to be a poor me post but I am just hitting that weird moment I think we get before our birthdays sometimes.

Any-hooser keeping with the birthday trend that is going on around these parts I'm trying to do a fundraising thing for a local shelter called Satchel's Last Resort. I'm that person that never knows what they want as presents and people just hate buying things for me so this year I decided instead of people getting things for me why not have people help out some pups who don't have homes right now.

When I was 12 I started walking dogs for a neighbor of mine. It started off with 2 dogs and then upgraded to them owning 5. Yep, I walked 5 dogs. As I got older they would have me live in their house while they would travel over the summer or christmas holiday. The woman works for Satchel's and they constantly had litters of puppies and fosters they would hold on to until they could find them permanent homes. This shelter does their best to help give homes and if they can't find a home asap the workers will take the animals their houses and care for them for a while so they get a feeling of love.

My first dog was a rescue, my current dog and cat are rescues, my mom's dog is a rescue. I hate walking into those shelters and seeing the sad faces just yearning for some love. I have to turn the channel when that damn commercial comes on with the cat with the one eye and the limping donkey. I'm going to plaster some pictures of the pup's they have right now who are looking for homes so get ready for some cute ol lovin.

This is Beau


Jackson Brown

These are just a few of these beauties who are looking for warm loving homes. Any donations that are made will go towards food, bedding, and medical for the shelter so that while these babies are waiting for their forever homes they are getting what they need.

I understand if you can't give but there is a lovely little donation widget up on the upper right hand side that you can donate through. Donations are being accepted till the end of the month and I'll make sure to feature a post when we head over to the shelter to visit.

Hope you are all having a great day and make sure you check back in tomorrow because there is going to be something blingy given away for two very special birthdays (not mine hehe) for two very special winehos!