Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Post From My Mom

My Mom today is taking over this little ol' blog of mine. I posted this at 2:08 pm aka the time I was born so I'm going to let without further ado here she is!

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Thank you for letting me share some of your space to honor you on celebrating your 25th Birthday!!!

It is amazing how life starts and how from the moment those two little itsy, bitsy organisms meet, you can control and take over a grown woman’s life! You controlled so many lives even before you hit the air :
- the bus driver who knew us so well and had to make an additional stop along the way to work so that I could get off and lose my breakfast.
- my staff who understood when I walked away for a quick nap in the corner or knowing how much I hated pea soup and ham sandwiches but you loved them.
- the staff at Ho Jo’s who had a large chocolate milk to go every day at two o’clock in the afternoon.
- your cousins who couldn’t wait for all the great snacks to show up in their house and all they got was Devil Dogs.
- the poor policeman who was out directing traffic and you decided it was time for mom’s legs to go out in the middle of a busy intersection.
and of course,
- the poor doctor who waited for you to decide when the timing was right--- teasing him on the 7th, threatening on the 14th and causing an ulcer by choosing the date he had tickets for Phantom Of The Opera!!!

You were the boss and I was along for the ride. Even on the day of your birth, you took the Birthing Room away from a big New York attorney--- first come, first serve!
You have gifted the world with your presence! You have been loved by so many people and captured everyone with your smiling big eyes!!
- A fashion statement for Aunt Grace who carried you all over in the baby Bjorn.
- A pal of Buffy’s always getting in Iris’s way while she took care of Uncle John.
- Speaking Spanish with Lydia so I needed an interpreter. Water was not in your vocabulary but Aqua was! - Stealing your grandmother’s earring the first time you met her.

You grew, you shined!
- Dancing in malls, nursing homes and with Pop Pop to Laurence Welk.
- Being the lead in the school play and not afraid to sing in school or church, even joining the opera.
- You and Ashley trying out for soccer as a joke and making the team!
- Challenging me with the IB program and proving you could do it.

Dreams of college but love took you on different journey. You came back years later, smarter, wiser, and stronger. You grew within a career and have earned the respect of many. Demonstrated a desire to spread your wings with your own apartment with your own distinctive tastes. A blog for people to mingle and share in parts of your life. A small business keeping people warm with a trade you learned from YouTube. Researching a new car and taking a stand not to be ignored. Strength to help your mom and grandma with a new car, new camera, and dealing with modern technology. A minor set back is uprooting you again but I know you’ll survive this also with a new outlook on life.

You are a treasure and you have fantastic friends and a family who love you.
Have a beautiful 25th birthday and thank you for continuing to grow within my life.

Love always,


Andrea said...

Well now Im crying at work.. Your mom is a gem! Happy Birthday!

holli said...

This is the greatest post! Wow what a guest speaker you have there on your blog. Your mom is adorable and great with words. Happy Birthday!

Nikki said...

love your mom! and you birthday girl <3

Erin said...

Well this was just the most precious thing I've read in quite some time! Your mom is too sweet and obviously loves you to the moon and back. What a special relationship you have.

That's What She Read said...

awww! so sweet!

Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

how amazing and cute is this?! Happy Birthday!!! and now I think we all love your mom too!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

seriously this almost made me cry! Your mom is AHHHDorable, and love that she wrote this for you:):)

Happy Birthday My love, I hope it was AMAZING:):)

Lourdes said...

wow! very lovely post!

I am now following you blog..check mine out

SH said...

What a beautiful post form your mother!! What a great idea.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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