Monday, February 25, 2013

Cara Box: #ClubSexy

Woohoo! Cara Box reveal time!

I was paired up with two pretty awesome ladies Melissa @ The Eyes of a Boy was my giver and Amy @ Life's Little Adventures was my receiver. 
This month was based on #ClubSexy so we had to design a date night for our ladies!

It was amazing fun getting to know these two and I can tell we will for sure continue chatting in the future. Ms. Amy lives in the Bahamas so I'm not exactly sure when her box reaches her but I can't wait to hear what she thought of everything!

Now Ms. Melissa was SUPER involved and asked some questions I wouldn't even think of! I think Melissa knows me a lot better then some people in my life now, haha. She is one awesome lady and her story about the beginning of her journey to being a mom was really moving.

I was SO excited when I got home to this little bad boy!

She wrote such a nice card that I put it up on my TV stand

Some sexy red polish to spice a night out on the town

Pretty charms to put onto my wine glasses that I tend to use from time to time.

Blue yarn I've never used before so I'm pretty excited for this!

She was even kind enough to provide a toy for Sky!!!!

O and I can't forget the gift card to Starbucks which has been used already!

Like I said, she did SUCH an amazing job and I'm so happy she was my Cara Box lady!


Kiki said...

What a fabulous cara box!!! Im glad you love it!!

Amy S said...

I had to come back to FL for medical reasons !!!!!!! SO i am off to pick up my box today hun! <3
I will post asap when I get it and open it!!!!! :D HUGS
cannot WAIT!

SH said...

This is such a great idea!!

Hope you're having a wonderful day!
The Hartungs Blog

Beth @ Whiskey Tango Hello said...

I love it when people remember the pets, too (although I'm really bad and I never do!) Super cute box!

Jess Casey said...

that toy looks like a big fun cock ring

Melissa Ann said...

Glad you loved the box!! I think I just died when I read the comment above mine THAT would make for a very Club Sexy date night haha ;)

Amy S said...

Here is my post! :) Sorry its so late! <3

thank you again! <3