Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Sky!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and that you are all getting ready to enjoy some Superbowl!!!!!
I, sadly, have work today and then get to go home to my house that has no cable which means no football.

Today though is a great day for another reason.
Today is my puppy's 6th birthday!!!!!
She really hates getting her picture taken and wearing hats

This was her first birthday....hated hats from the beginning

I got this bundle of joy when she was 6 months old from the shelter about 45 minutes from where I lived in Ohio. I already owned my cat, who has her birthday next month, but I was missing owning a dog since my childhood pup died shortly after I moved away from home. I wanted to just go looking, we all know what that means, and I ended up falling in love.
Getting this dog took a lot of fighting, lying, and begging but we ended up taking her home with us.

She was a little monster in the beginning, who am I kidding she still is, but I loved her with all my heart. She ate our house phone, my laptop charger cable while it was plugged into a wall, my Harry Potter books that I had owned since I was a little kid, the wall, a shoe, some socks, and other odds and ends. The doctor always informed us she was shocked that she was still going after all of that.

A few months after getting her she got really sick and I thought I was going to lose her but thankfully my family pitched in and got her very expensive medicine so that I didn't have to put my 8 month old down. Sky then started eating through her cage and fractured a large amount of her teeth. This lead to one of her canines snapping in half while playing and once again a very expensive vet bill due to surgery.

When the ex and I broke up he was homeless so I used that to my advantage of getting to keep my dog that reminded me so much of my childhood friend. Thankfully I have amazing parents who were more then happy to take on me and my babies and sky became fast friends with my mom's dog.

Sky turned out to be a bit of a monster still, as she no longer had a cage because Pepper didn't have one, and learned how to steal. We honestly thought my dog was a human from all of the feats she had learned to perform. We have the case of her removing the gravy dish filled with gravy from the back of the stove, carrying it through the house, and drinking everything with out a spill or breaking the dish. We have the case of the ham where she removed the tinfoil off the hot dish and took the ham out while we were at home. We also must remember when she somehow climbed onto the speaker and then up onto the top of the 5 foot entertainment system to remove the Carmel filled chocolate, the solid chocolate Easter bunny, and a few peanut butter cups.

When it was time to move out I reinvested in a cage which turned out to work....sometimes.

Ya....not only did she rip the blinds OFF the wall she then pulled them into her cage and shredded them.
Thanks Sky
I got smart and decided to move her cage away from all windows and walls but this resulted in her pulling the breakout stunts and then breaking another tooth which we still have yet to remove because we like to think of it as a reminder.

Even though you try my patience I will always love you and can honestly say you make me smile on a daily basis. You're the dog that will sit there and tilt your head when we are talking, the dog that HATES the UPS guy and the lawn people, and the dog that doesn't know how to be social and end up getting weird looks because it seems like you want to eat the other dogs.
I know I work today but tomorrow we will get you your doggie birthday treat and a special new toy.


Brandi said...

This is so sweet. Happy Birthday puppy!!!! [Yes I call all dogs puppies regardless of age hehe] <3

RadiantKristen said...

Your dog sure is talented! We had a golden retriever who could break out of his kennel. We had many slobbery socks as a reward for his ingenuity. I hope Sky enjoys a couple estra treats today!