Monday, February 11, 2013

Reasons Why I Will Always Be A City Girl

People like to tell me that just because I was born in Manhattan doesn't mean I'm a city girl. 
I hate to disagree with you there sir or madame because my family is all from Manhattan and let's just say born and raised New Yorkers don't forget what city life is like. I know I will always be a city girl and I've got some reasons to prove it. 

1) Even when I was younger and would visit Manhattan there was just something about it that made me feel like I was at home. I'm not saying that I'm going to make it big there at home, but just being in that city of hustle and bustle gives me a sense of calm. I'm so relaxed while I'm in that city that I just don't care about anything and I'm just able to go with anything. I know it seems a little weird to some people when I say those things but that city is my heart and soul. I would love to live there one day, I don't have to, but it will be that place I go to get away. Screw the Bahamas  give me an afternoon in central park with a book on top of my rock and I'm happy.

2) I sleep like the dead when there are large amounts of noise going on. Put me in a cabin in the woods with chirping crickets and I'll go insane and stay up all night thinking some kind of murderer might be out to get me. Let me sleep in a room with the windows open with car alarms, screaming people, and sirens going off and I'm fast asleep and waking more rested then ever before. I've told people before if they want to buy me a sleep machine it better have city sounds recorded because I'm not going to fall asleep to the sounds of the rain forest. 

3) I almost married a boy from Ohio  When I say Ohio most people think of Cincinnati, Cleveland, or Glee. What I mean when I say Ohio is bfe Ohio where there is one house..........10 miles later there is another house........10 more miles and we might see one more house. I can't do that, I just can't. Luckily when I lived up there we lived in a normal town where I knew there were people around me but if I was asked to move out in the boonies I would probably scream and run away. Actual screaming and running would probably happen and I would be sent to the loony bin where only the sounds of taxis honking their horns would calm me down. 

4) He had an uncle cousin. I'm going to give you a moment to read that part over and just think it through. 
Ok, we back on track?
Yes, one of his family members in this distant part of Ohio where there was one Walmart, the DHL airfield, and a McDonald's, was his uncle cousin. 
His mother's oldest sister married her step father (my ex's mother's father) and had a child with him. So his uncle is the daughter of his oldest aunt. 
I'm sorry....I can't handle things like that. I actually thought I was in a Jerry Springer episode and I live in the same freakin town as Mr. Springer. 
Oh and his uncle cousin was born without a way to go number two but that is another story that I'm not going to get into because I am still confused. 

5) I need things near by to the point where I will sit in my car and debate if there is a way for me to not have to drive an extra 5 minutes so I can get what I want. I'm not lazy, I just expect to have things done when I need them done and I don't want to wait if I don't have to. I remember getting made at my easy bake oven because it took too freakin long for the light bulb to cook my fake cake. Side Note: I'm still amazed that they let little kids have a toy where a light bulb cooked food and then they actually let us eat the stuff we made. Kids these days are weak. Anyways, if I ever have to live someplace where I might have to drive a half hour to get something I need that is an every day item I will have to move.

Yeah, ok, I know.....not the best reasons and a little shallow BUT they are my reasons soooooo hush yo face. 
I'm a bit curious, are you ladies city or country girls?


Erin said...

Haha I loved this post obviously! I'm obsessed with the hustle and bustle too. As soon as I get back from a trip upstate and get off the bus in the middle of Port Authority I'm right back into my groove. It's the best.

But girl you completely lost me with the uncle brothers cousin oldest sister aunt married ex blah blah blah

Jess Casey said...

This post is funny stuff. "uncle cousin" is definitely redneck.

Kristi Miller said...

Definitely a city girl! I'll never understand the suburbs!

Michael said...

Those are all completely valid reasons. And got you ont he uncle cousin. My aunt(by marriage and removed) married a guy. The guy's brother is married to their first cousin. Yup...

Lindsey @ Life on Countryside said...

I live in the suburbs, and grew up in the suburbs so I guess that would make me a country girl. BUT I love the city and dream of the hustel and bustle all the can I be a little of both?!

Ami Church said...

I love this post! I'll always be a city girl too <3

xo Ami
a champagne dream