Thursday, February 7, 2013

Satchel's Last Resort

Holy Moley Ladies thanks so much for all the kind words and support from yesterday. I didn't write it to be a poor me post but I am just hitting that weird moment I think we get before our birthdays sometimes.

Any-hooser keeping with the birthday trend that is going on around these parts I'm trying to do a fundraising thing for a local shelter called Satchel's Last Resort. I'm that person that never knows what they want as presents and people just hate buying things for me so this year I decided instead of people getting things for me why not have people help out some pups who don't have homes right now.

When I was 12 I started walking dogs for a neighbor of mine. It started off with 2 dogs and then upgraded to them owning 5. Yep, I walked 5 dogs. As I got older they would have me live in their house while they would travel over the summer or christmas holiday. The woman works for Satchel's and they constantly had litters of puppies and fosters they would hold on to until they could find them permanent homes. This shelter does their best to help give homes and if they can't find a home asap the workers will take the animals their houses and care for them for a while so they get a feeling of love.

My first dog was a rescue, my current dog and cat are rescues, my mom's dog is a rescue. I hate walking into those shelters and seeing the sad faces just yearning for some love. I have to turn the channel when that damn commercial comes on with the cat with the one eye and the limping donkey. I'm going to plaster some pictures of the pup's they have right now who are looking for homes so get ready for some cute ol lovin.

This is Beau


Jackson Brown

These are just a few of these beauties who are looking for warm loving homes. Any donations that are made will go towards food, bedding, and medical for the shelter so that while these babies are waiting for their forever homes they are getting what they need.

I understand if you can't give but there is a lovely little donation widget up on the upper right hand side that you can donate through. Donations are being accepted till the end of the month and I'll make sure to feature a post when we head over to the shelter to visit.

Hope you are all having a great day and make sure you check back in tomorrow because there is going to be something blingy given away for two very special birthdays (not mine hehe) for two very special winehos!

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