Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty, So Pretty and Witty and....

We are getting a should I put this?

and not in the happy way. Well, unless you are happy about being gay then Wooo!

I'm going to touch on a subject that, unless you've been under a rock, should be aware is currently always in the news. I know, I know....some of you aren't very supportive of this then that is your choice but maybe you should move your little right hand to your mouse and go on up to that red X and give it a nice little click. Don't need no hate up in these parts.

My mom raised me right.
She taught me at an early age to be accepting of all and understand that everyone was created equal and deserving of love and respect.
Actually Catholic school told me that also with the "we are all brothers and sisters in God's eyes" which when you inform a kid this after teaching them about how relations between family members is wrong makes a 10 year old giggle.
Anyhooser back on track.....
My family is Catholic, and not just Catholic but IRISH Catholic soooo Mr. Religion is a big part of their lives. If you are familiar with my blog you should know by now that I'm an Atheist which makes things interesting during family talks. I'm proud of my family though because even though they believe in their faith they don't follow it to the T.

I think my family being from NYC was a big part of their acceptance of all people. When you grow up in that city you learn every walk of life and you discover that the LGBT community are people just like you and me, unless you are gay then they are like get the idea. Growing up I was never informed that being gay was wrong. I was never informed that loving someone was against any ones rights and that we, as people, have the right to inform someone that they are not allowed to love someone.

My grandma and grandfather had two friends who travelled and wrote books and had been life partners for YEARS. We actually ran into them a few months back and guess what....they are both still together and still happier together. I was evidently introduced to them when I was little but I don't remember people from when I was 3. Unless you were a cute boy and then evidently I can remember everything about you. Hmmmm, I wonder how Jason is doing. He was pretty dreamy at age 13 to a preschooler.

When I was probably about 7 we had new neighbors move in across the street. They were two men and they did not keep it from people that they were partners. I witnessed them go through a normal relationship like any other couple in the neighborhood and my mother didn't keep anything from me about what that relationship was like. One of them introduced me to what Drag Queens were which I thought was very funny as to why would a man want to dress up like a woman?!

As I got older my school would inform me that being gay was bad but evidently keeping a priest on the payroll that was arrested for soliciting a cop staged as a young boy online was A Okay in their books. I had some kids in my school where I either thought or new that they were gay but they wouldn't come out because our school continued to tell them that they were going to hell. My first round of Gay Hate was in the 8th grade when one of the male students, who was super nice and caring, was attacked by the boys in my grade. Two of the boys had been threatening this kid with pushing him into oncoming traffic or hanging him by his neck from the flag pole in front of the school so everyone could see the dead F@&. The teachers weren't doing anything until one day when during PE we were playing soccer and the boys tripped the young man and started to kick him while he was laying there. Parents yanked him from school threatening to sue, every child was pulled into the office to give a statement on what we saw happening, the first two boys were expelled, and the girls (and some boys) went to his house to apologize.

I always wonder how or why parents would raise their children to be ok with some people but HATE others. I always find it interesting how someone can be so Anti-gay until their son (or daughter) comes out, I'm looking at you Sen. Portman, and suddenly the subject hits close to home and they realise that they are hurting their children by their words and actions. I will always support equal rights, I will continue to ensure that when I find someone to spend my life with that they feel the same, I will raise my children to respect everyone and to know that if they discover that they themselves are gay that their parents will love them just the same.

Let's go Supreme the right thing today.

Monday, March 25, 2013

At Least I Don't Have To Do These......

Ok, this weekend in so little words....SUCKED

I was treated like shit, yelled at, dealt with grown adults who have jobs and families acting like 3 year olds and Oh so much more. I went home (well first went to the apartment to work on things) and just needed to sit quietly and try not to scream or cry. Beyond my job making me just want to grab my things, get up and leave I'm stressed more then anyone should. I've got to have everything done in the apartment by Tuesday and then hop right into fun wedding events (I'm looking forward to being able to act my age this weekend). All during this I'm stressing because I'm falling behind in scarf orders and I'm about to just tell everyone they can have them for free so I'm not guilty of being a bad shop keeper.

I'm not going to just walk out of my job though, I'm not an idiot but when I deal with wanting to just that I stop and think about what jobs I could be doing instead that might be a bit worse.

I went to google to get some ideas and well....they disappointed me. They listed (starting at worst) Lumberjack, Dairy Farmer, Enlisted Military Service, Oil Rig Worker, Newspaper Reporter, Waiter/Waitress, Meter Reader, Dishwasher, Butchers, and then Broadcasters. Mhmm sure....ok.

Here is my list (in no specific order)

Animal Poop Picker Upper
I mean seriously, who the hell wants to pick up shit every day?! Besides parents and pet owners....Ok, I know it isn't just like one load a day but like these GIANT loads of poo the size of your head. Nope, I wouldn't be able to do that.

Crime Scene Cleaners
Ummm....yeah. When CSI first came out I wanted to do that for a living but then I realised that I'd be dealing with dead people. Not just normal dead people but people who don't have a head. Now just imagine being the people that have to go into these scenes and clean everything up.

Sewer Mappers
I don't know if this is a real job but all I know is I see guys down in those manholes doing things and I'm pretty sure that they weren't going to Narnia through that thing. I'm just picturing the rats and bugs and everything else crawling all over you and the poo. Again with the poo!

Prison Guards
Ok, sure, you get a gun but still. You've got these men and women who aren't exactly, um...nice? locked in these rooms and they really don't give two shits about anything because Hey! They're already in jail! I'd pee myself every time one of those sirens went off because there was an issue going on.
No thank you

Garbage Men
They make a lot, when I say a lot I mean A LOT. I think you can understand why I would not exactly be a fan of dealing with garbage though.

Snake Venom Extractor
Uhhhhhh......that's all I have to say.

Paedophile Counselor
 Ok, I know someone has to do it but I couldn't sit there and listen to it and have to keep my thoughts to myself. I'm sure if you've been here long enough you know I'm not exactly Ms. Thinks Before She Speaks.

Come on April....I need a better month then the one I've just gone through!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Online Dating....Get Ready for Round 125

Ick I'm posting in the afternoon.
I think someone should get something checked for me or something because this is NOT normal.

I was making a sugar inducing coma like item thing because a) I was bored and b) I felt like trying to make something new. First off...the damn thing is beyond amazing and I don't think I'm ever going to make it again if I really want to lose some weights.

While I was making this amazing dish of sugar I started thinking about my dating life. ***Crickets chirping*** yep, it's been 9 months....NINE, since my last real date. When I say real date I'm not counting random moments where I'm hanging in a park talking so for those who are fact checkers on this here ol blog don't get all shaking your finger at me for the park date that happened at 10pm in November. Also, man friend doesn't count either as that wasn't anything close to dating. It was closer to a random one night stand with a drunk guy you met at a bar and then you happened to run into him at Publix a week later.

I'm really missing the dating life if not for the fact that I would like to meet someone but because I got some really great material out of the crazy people who would try to ask me out, i.e. guy who wanted to lick my face or foreign guy who wanted me to move back to India with him or girl who lived in Japan trying to find some girl to sleep with her boyfriend in Florida because he had needs OR the guy who wanted me to take a deuce on his chest.

I mean I end up laughing my butt off at how many shirtless pictures men put up and then complain on their profile that women are being a bit like a hoe with their photos.
I mean I will take the shirtless photos over the men who have a picture of their dog as their main photo because that doesn't scream "I'm too scary to look at and I know you wouldn't chat with me if you saw my face."

I am happy though that I don't have to see the douche-baggery from day to day which causes me to want to scream and delete the profile. I did meet some nice people off of there though, my ex-roommate was one....even though he was a whore and is now getting married.

Yeah, I think in my free time tonight I'm going to round up some photos and type myself to look like I'm a fun and interesting person to be around instead of an overworked woman who lives at home and hates cheese. You'd be surprised by how many people find it weird I'm really a hater on cold cheese.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Body Doesn't Want Me Happy

I've been getting pretty frustrated recently and it is causing me to get freakin mad at myself. I'm not happy with how I look and I know you are all going to say "well do something about it" but the thing is....I'm pretty limited.

I've touched a few times on my back and how the horse screwed it up for me when I was 11. When it first happened it didn't really stop me. I was able to play soccer, run around like a crazy person, and be normal. I actually didn't know anything was going on with my back until I was 18. Recently it has gotten really really bad. Monday while painting with my mom I laid on the floor to just take a breather from everything we were doing. My back locked up and I couldn't lift my hips, sit up, and could barely roll over. My mom had to push down on my lower back for 30 seconds, which caused me to almost throw up, to relax the muscles that had clenched up. I could finally get up but I had to stretch a bit and take it pretty easy till my back relaxed.

It was scary, it was not something I ever want to go through again. I wasn't even doing anything, I was just laying there and couldn't move anymore and my leg went numb. It felt like if I moved my back would snap and I was honestly afraid something was going to break or was breaking.

I know I need to go to a Dr but my health insurance isn't exactly very helpful and I'd have to pay for everything out of pocket which I don't have anything in my pockets to give. I'm extremely scared that they are going to tell me they need to do surgery and break my back in order for it to set correctly. I'm afraid that they are going to tell me that there isn't anything they can do and it is going to get worse. Since my back freaked out my whole spine is very sore, I have a normal range of motion and I can bend and lift and twist and everything else but I'm just waiting for it to happen again where I just stop being able to move.

My Dr. has informed me I can't run and I shouldn't lift (as in weights for working out) until someone goes and takes a real hard look at the extent of my back issues. This limits what I can do working out which is frustrating because I have this weight on me that I want off and I don't know how to do it if I'm not allowed to work out. I've thought about doing spinning classes but the bending for my back might not be good. I've thought about yoga but once again my back will get into the way. I'm at my wits end and I don't know what to do.

This makes me frustrated because I have worked out with a personal trainer but I've had to stop them because my back would start to spasm and I would get light headed. They would keep trying to tweak things so that I could keep working out but then they would disappear (either quit or be fired) and I'd have to start with someone new all over again and it got to the point of me just stopping.

My friend Hallie, most of you know her at Life:Oceanside has started to use Herbalife and I'm really starting to think about looking into it. If I can't workout I need to really look into my diet and see how much I can lose from that. I know my body and physical activity is what my weight works off of, not the diet, but I will do my best.

I'm not happy, I don't like the way I look, and I don't like what people might think when they look at me. I don't like the fact that I'm in another wedding next weekend and I'm not going to want to look at the photos of myself. I don't like the fact that I'm not excited to get dressed up and go out because I think of how I look in an outfit. I can't even wear these beautiful heels I own because shooting pain goes right into my back and I try to work through it but I eventually have to take the shoes off. I'm happy with myself, I'm happy with my personality and everything else but when it comes down to it....I just don't feel comfortable in my own skin. This gets honestly very frustrating that I have this issue with my back that I'm too scared and poor to get fixed.

I don't really talk about my weight issues with people and I don't bring up the frustration I go through because I don't feel like being a pity party. I did create this blog though as a place for me to vent and share my thoughts so I am. Thanks for listening (well reading in your case).

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yep...I'm Sharing a Recipe

 This moving thing is starting to break me. I'm not kidding it is getting pretty bad. I'm stressed, tired, in pain, and covered in white pain flecks. I'm sitting here slowly dying and so instead of writing about how I think I might be loosing the feeling in my legs and I might not be able to walk anymore I'm going to share my recipe for Shrimp and Goat Cheese Pasta.


- Angel hair pasta
- 1/2 lbs of shrimp (de-veined and no shell) 
- 1 lemon
- 6 oz soft goat cheese log
- 2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
- 1/2 cup of halved grape or cherry tomatoes
- fresh basil (to taste) shredded
- salt and pepper (to taste) 

boil the pasta to how you like it, take a cup of the water and set aside then drain. 

see...the cup of pasta water

make sure you de-vein and take off all of the shell from the little shrimp

add 2 tbsp of evoo to the frying pan and heat it up

zest the shrimp with lemon while the frying pan is heating up and add salt and pepper to taste

add the shrimp into the frying pan and then squeeze the lemon onto the shrimp (if you like a little lemon then one half is good if you like a lot use both)

cook on one side for 2 mins then flip the little shrimp guys

cut the goat cheese up and then halve the tomatoes (sorry I forgot to take that picture)

dump in the shrimp

then the cheese

and the tomatoes and basil (forgot to take their photo). 

pour in half of the pasta water you saved and mix it all together. You want it a little creamier pour in more of the water.

This is a very light meal so I added some pepper onto it for a little more taste. If you use a lot of pasta increase the amount of goat cheese you add in or it can taste a little bland. 

Tada!!! I can cook and no one died so I put that as a win in my book. 

I'm now going to go spend more time painting my place and I'll see if I can remember to take photos of that. I probably will forget since I'm being a pretty bad blogger recently. I'll get better.....I promise. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Moving Adventures Continue....

Well, I'm not dying internally just sore but now I think my head is going to fall off. I don't seem to be winning much this all.

I went and got violated by an ultrasound machine on Tuesday to just be called back and informed by my Dr's nurse that nothing is wrong. Ok, yeah, thanks so the machine didn't see anything which means this pain must be all made up. Yeah, ok....nothing you can do? Nope.....assholes. 

Tuesday night I got a call from my movers that they wanted to be at my apartment at 7am instead of 8am but that he would throw in another guy for free to make the job go faster. I'm such a nice person I said sure and gave up an hour of sleep. They showed up, wrapped everything, and carried it out. I was in shock how fast they moved everything. I would have been falling over after just the dresser and TV stand. They felt bad that they were charging me for a 3 hour job (which is their minimum) and it was going to take MAYBE an hour and they kept offering to take other things with them for me to put into storage. I thanked them but informed them nope, I still don't know what I'm keep of the smaller items. They were very nice little (ok big) Hispanic men talking Spanish because they knew I couldn't understand one word of it. It was time to leave and of course they had sent a giant truck so I agreed to go on I-75 so it would be easier for them. I drove pretty slowly since my poor little car can't drive too fast or else things start to fall off. Don't judge ghetto car...she only has a couple months left to live. They put all my crap into the storage room, minus the dead body that will be added later, and took my money and left.

I went back to my apartment, picked up all the dog hair that I realised was covering my floor and sat down to watch a little TV. I guess I didn't realise how tired and comfortable my floor was because I passed out for a good 3 to 4 hours.

So now I drive back and forth work to my apartment, my apartment to mom's house, then back to work. I'm packing, throwing, and moving things as it goes and it seems to be working ok. My cat hates me still and is enjoying the large house she is running around in. I could disappear and my dog and cat would be fine since they have my parents.
Little brats.

This weekend is going to be pretty low key as every free time I have will be spent in my vacant apartment packing and throwing things away so when Monday rolls around me and my mom can start painting.
Please remind me when I move again to just leave the walls the color they are when I moved in or just paint one wall if I have to. I can't wait for this to all be over and done with so I can have my life back to normal.

Oh and I'm going to leave you with this little gem because A) I find Belle's part hilarious and B) he's really really good at this.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Follow Me Through Bloglovin

Well, word on the street is that GFC is going the way of Myspace (the first version), Squeezum's, Kola Yummies, and Are You Afraid of the Dark.
So....Bloglovin is about to get a whole bunch of people in their lives.
Oh and I promise to have a real post up as soon as I'm done living out of boxes....maybe sooner. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Pretty Painful Weekend Update

I think I might want to do a redo on this weekend.
Wait, that means I'd have to relive it...can we replace this weekend with something better?

Friday I decided that laying on my couch sounded like a great plan so that's what I did. I know SUPER exciting. Just hold on to your seats because it gets even better.

Saturday I had work...again. Shocker, I know. While I work I realised that I was starting to feel like complete and utter crap and I was getting shooting sharp pains in my lower half that didn't feel like a great time. I took some Advil, called to see if my Dr was in (she wasn't), and just sucked it up. After work I had an amazing plan of laying on the couch again. Before I started my plan I decided to try out my new purchase for my little kitty.

She was not a all.
This cat HATES wearing clothes so much that when you put them on her she wont move from 10 minutes, then she will walk a few steps and stop. You can even knock her over and she will stay that way for a little while.
I love her but this was seriously hilarious.

After having fun with her I got myself together for my pitiful evening.
 Boom.....big bottle of wine, wings, and Advil.
I know, amazing.

Sunday was very similar but instead of wings we had a Publix sub and we also popped in my all time favorite movie.
When Harry Met Sally

I love this movie and can watch it and rewatch it more then I would care to admit. While watching the movie I decided to be productive and finished making my little project.

 See....I can be creative. Kind of.

This morning I called my Dr to see if she could fit me in Tuesday since I didn't have any work. Of course she couldn't but they had an opening this morning. After a weird conversation with my boss I ended up at the Dr's and pushed on more then I would care to admit. She is sending me to a different place tomorrow to be violated by an ultrasound machine. Not the fun one on the outside....the angry one on the inside. She thinks I might have ruptured a cyst so we are going to go hunting for answers.....YAY! After this amazing time at the Dr's I'm going to have to start packing up my life because I'm moving Wednesday morning. I'm crying a little on the inside.

If anyone would like to pick up one of the following things I have to do this month that would be great. The options are....go to work for me as a Guest Services Manager, move all my crap/paint/clean my apartment, make 4 scarves, get attacked at the Dr's. or be a bridesmaid.

I'm now going to struggle through work and wait to go home to where I can just lay on the couch again for one last time.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Revisit Some Friday Letters

Ello lovelies!

I've cracked myself out coffee this morning to the point I'm shaking a little. I should probably eat something but since I'm standing for 10 hours today that's a little hard to do.

Oh shall move on.

This week and weekend have been very low key as I have no plans and have to sadly start packing up my life into boxes and decide what I can take to my mom's and what need to go into the closet I keep the bodies in. I didn't realise how much I wouldn't want to do this but hey. I've got goals for this year and no living on my own is going to make some of these things happen.

My mom is aware of my plans for their house and is kind of giving me some room on my leash of things I can ACTUALLY do. I've already told her we are going one day in April to IKEA since she has never been. I will open that woman up to the wonders of that store.

so...I haven't done a Friday letters kind of thing in a while so let's revisit that.

Dear Mom and Grandma I know you mean well but remember I'm not 12 and I'll remember that it is your house and you get the final say. Dear KIA I'm coming for you in May. Be ready for some negotiations. Dear Universe I spent yesterday enjoying JetBlue's website and seeing I could do a round trip from my local airport to LaGuardia and back with no stops for $185. Then I got slapped in the face with the fact that I couldn't find a hotel with my employee discount and non of the GMs were going to be nice and let me get it. Then you decided to say screw you to my options of Chicago, Boston, All of Cali, and Las Vegas. I finally decided to look into Washington DC and found a hotel that doesn't open till June 1st that will give me my $29 room and it is right across from the White House. Then you were kind enough to have US Airways to have a round trip ticket from Tampa to Reagan for less then the NY ticket. I love you....plain and simple. I'm SO excited to visit Washington by myself! Dear Man Friend it was nice seeing you last night and Happy Birthday! I find it slightly amusing that when I decided to move out you decided to move out. Dear Cat I'm buying you a baby gate so you can hind in the bedroom since you now have to deal with another dog. I'm sorry. Get over it. Dear Dating Pool you are very very slim and I'm just saying o well. I enjoy my alone time and I see the Man Friend from time to time so when you decide to start working in my favor just let me know. Dear Movers.....really 8am, 8AM!?! FINE! I'll be up early and wrapping all my things in plastic. Asshats.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Anyone doing anything more interesting then working and laying in bed reading?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Money, We Need to Have a Chat

When I started this blog I started it for the reasons most of you did.
To have a place of my own to bitch and moan and share my thoughts and if someone else could relate then so be it, if not well boo on you.

Some of you that have been around for a while know that I am moving back in with my parents this month due to the uncertainty of my job future. Those who are hotel is closing and they say they will find us new jobs but it doesn't mean we will get the same pay or hours.
I was at my mom's house last night doing my laundry and started to chat with my mom about some things. My mom recently had to get a new car because she was involved in an accident and the insurance company had totaled the car out. She now has a nice used 2012 KIA Optima which she is enjoying. I'm planning on getting a new KIA in May since my damn little Ford Escort is starting to crap out on me.

I'm a little nervous about doing all this because let's face it. Buying a car is a big step and a big financial responsibility. While I was chatting with my mom last night I found out that my grandma's car might need to be junked. She has a 2003 Hyundai Elantra that was bought used and was originally my car. When I moved to Ohio they kept my car and since then the car has been nothing but problems and a money pit. Recently they took it into the mechanic who informed them that all of the motor mounts and brackets were rusting or missing. Over $1000 later the engine is sitting straight and running smoothly.

Now comes the big issue.....since the engine was working odd due to the mounting issues the parts inside are working a bit awkwardly. The best way to put it is that when you have a bad hip the knee suffers because it is compensating for the hip. Once you put a new hip in suddenly you find out that you now have a bad knee to fix. The car is running great but it shakes when stopped like there is no tomorrow. My car does something similar and the dealership told my grandma that it can run this way for years but it is just going to cost too much to fix the issue and it isn't worth it with the age of the car.

My grandma refuses to drive the car and refuses to drive my mom's new car, so we are in a bit of a pickle. My family is now going to try and look at leasing a car for my grandma to drive the 5 miles total a day so she can get around. We are looking into leasing because a) it is less expensive b) she's 86 years old and we don't see her driving 3 years down the road and c) she doesn't need to own something that isn't going to be driven a lot. 

My parents don't have the money for this though and we are going to have to sit down and have a strict plan with the family on money and credit cards. My family grew up poor, my grandma lived through the great depression and my mom grew up on food stamps so they are all aware of issues with money. When they started to get more financially solid they wanted to share what they had. Sadly this has turned into a large pile of debt and we are now going to have to bring them back to the roots of pinching pennies. With me moving in it is going to save on a monthly bill since I'm taking that over, also we are going to work on them eating out, starting to buy in bulk, not give everyone presents for birthdays, and call credit card companies to lower interest rate so we can pay some off for them.

It is going to be a big change and it is something you don't think you really need to work on with the people who raised you but with them now both needing cars that require car payments we need to take a good look at what is going on.
I'm no saint in the debt section as I have my own but I've worked things out and in 2015 all of this crap will be off of my credit rating and I can start back at ground 0. I have no credit cards, I've paid off the ones I could and the others I told to go F themselves when they refused to work with me on payment plans.
I know we will make it through this but there is just so much stress going on right now that I think we all need a bit of a vacation.

If you reached the end of this thanks for reading my bitchfest.
Hey, I'm calling it like I read it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dating Disasters...This Could Be a Book

I'm joining in today with a link up that is going to be something I think I could do....almost every day actually.

Trust can get pretty sad up in these parts.


I'm torn between writing about the Serial Killer, the Drunk Douche, or Mr. I Like to Smell.

I'm thinking I'm going to go with Drunk Douche, this can get a little entertaining.

I met Brandon (it's his actual name as I feel no shame throwing him under the bus) online. I was past being Ms. Debbie Downer and was turning into Ms. I Want to Fuck Someone.
You can judge, I do.

Brandon was H-O-T as in I wanted to scale that tree faster then a cat getting hit with a hose. He was 23 at the time, 6'6'', an ex college football player, and a bouncer. I was in horny girl heaven.

Brandon lived in Gulf Port, which is about 35 mins on the highway from me and he had his own place so I figured I'd drive on up to meet him. He wanted to meet at a bar and I thought said bar would have food for me to chow down on. I was wrong. There was no food, unless we count Jell-O shots as food since he was loading me up on those bad boys. I didn't think much of it but we were drinking and having a grand old time but then he started getting a little weird. I didn't think much of it but I really should have just left then. We ended up going to a gay bar (I have no flippen clue) where I was then informed that Mr. Hot Pants was sometimes a regular and they thought I was super lucky to be bagging that one.
Oh yes lucky me! Well, the lower half of me thought so.

I ended up dropping him off at his place and headed back home. We had one more date which was similar and I think my lady bits were more interested then the rest of me and we all know that those lady bits run the show 9 times out of 10.

The third date, wasn't starting off too great. I was once again driving up there and got a text shortly before I left letting me know that he was going to be late to his own house. I was a little confused but told him to keep in touch. About an hour later I got a text saying he was on his way home and that I should head on up.
Well, head on up I did to discover a very already drunk Brandon.
Joy, once again, Joy.
He was supposed to cook me dinner for our date but I discovered he had just gone out to dinner with his buds.
Thanks asshole, thanks a lot.
We piled into my tiny car which was a little entertaining to watch with this giant of a man.
I drove him to the non gay bar, even though he was kind of wanting to go there, and we got some beers. I wasn't planning on really drinking since well, I was pissed. He started yelling at me while we were sitting there because I wouldn't smoke with him and that his ex fiance used to smoke a pack and a half a day with him.

Hold the phone.....ex-fiance?! This was a new one.

I apologized, I don't really understand why I had to do that, and told him I had lung issues. He then started to get pissed that I was nursing a beer because he felt I should be on his level of drunk. Buddy, you were drunk when I found you there was no way I was going to reach that level.
Then the scary part started to happen.
He started to cry.
I mean cry as in that cry where you can't really understand what they are mumbling to you.
I discovered in a very short period of time that he was engaged to this woman and that he was in major love and that they would get drunk together every night and smoke all the time and it was just a party. He ended up getting a job as a bouncer so he wasn't able to go out at nights due to work so she would go out without him. She met a guy, fell in love with guy, and ended up leaving Brandon.
Hold on, it gets more interesting.
He evidently got so mad when she was breaking up with him that he slammed his head through their TV. Since he decided to do that she informed him that she was taking THEIR SON and if he tried to follow them she would report him to the cops.

Yes, while Mr. Douche is crying in the middle of a bar I discover he has a child which he just happened to not mention at all.
I promptly pretended that I wasn't feeling well, stuffed him back in the car, and deposited him at his door to never speak to him again.

Yep, that's not the weirdest thing to happen to me either.