Monday, March 11, 2013

A Pretty Painful Weekend Update

I think I might want to do a redo on this weekend.
Wait, that means I'd have to relive it...can we replace this weekend with something better?

Friday I decided that laying on my couch sounded like a great plan so that's what I did. I know SUPER exciting. Just hold on to your seats because it gets even better.

Saturday I had work...again. Shocker, I know. While I work I realised that I was starting to feel like complete and utter crap and I was getting shooting sharp pains in my lower half that didn't feel like a great time. I took some Advil, called to see if my Dr was in (she wasn't), and just sucked it up. After work I had an amazing plan of laying on the couch again. Before I started my plan I decided to try out my new purchase for my little kitty.

She was not a all.
This cat HATES wearing clothes so much that when you put them on her she wont move from 10 minutes, then she will walk a few steps and stop. You can even knock her over and she will stay that way for a little while.
I love her but this was seriously hilarious.

After having fun with her I got myself together for my pitiful evening.
 Boom.....big bottle of wine, wings, and Advil.
I know, amazing.

Sunday was very similar but instead of wings we had a Publix sub and we also popped in my all time favorite movie.
When Harry Met Sally

I love this movie and can watch it and rewatch it more then I would care to admit. While watching the movie I decided to be productive and finished making my little project.

 See....I can be creative. Kind of.

This morning I called my Dr to see if she could fit me in Tuesday since I didn't have any work. Of course she couldn't but they had an opening this morning. After a weird conversation with my boss I ended up at the Dr's and pushed on more then I would care to admit. She is sending me to a different place tomorrow to be violated by an ultrasound machine. Not the fun one on the outside....the angry one on the inside. She thinks I might have ruptured a cyst so we are going to go hunting for answers.....YAY! After this amazing time at the Dr's I'm going to have to start packing up my life because I'm moving Wednesday morning. I'm crying a little on the inside.

If anyone would like to pick up one of the following things I have to do this month that would be great. The options are....go to work for me as a Guest Services Manager, move all my crap/paint/clean my apartment, make 4 scarves, get attacked at the Dr's. or be a bridesmaid.

I'm now going to struggle through work and wait to go home to where I can just lay on the couch again for one last time.


Nikki said...

I'll be by your side for being attacked and being a bridesmaid!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

heyyyy You are not allowed to give up your Bridesmaid spot missy!

Ashley R said...

That exact wine is definitely the wine that first got me hooked on wine. :)

RadiantKristen said...

Not going to lie, your weekend on the couch, minus the pain sounds incredible. Also, I have had lots of those angry ultrasounds. I have also had ruptured cysts. Both suck a lot. I am so, so, so sorry. Pour yourself an extra glass or two and hang in there!

Laura Darling said...

Wine, wings, and advil. What more could you need?!