Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Money, We Need to Have a Chat

When I started this blog I started it for the reasons most of you did.
To have a place of my own to bitch and moan and share my thoughts and if someone else could relate then so be it, if not well boo on you.

Some of you that have been around for a while know that I am moving back in with my parents this month due to the uncertainty of my job future. Those who are hotel is closing and they say they will find us new jobs but it doesn't mean we will get the same pay or hours.
I was at my mom's house last night doing my laundry and started to chat with my mom about some things. My mom recently had to get a new car because she was involved in an accident and the insurance company had totaled the car out. She now has a nice used 2012 KIA Optima which she is enjoying. I'm planning on getting a new KIA in May since my damn little Ford Escort is starting to crap out on me.

I'm a little nervous about doing all this because let's face it. Buying a car is a big step and a big financial responsibility. While I was chatting with my mom last night I found out that my grandma's car might need to be junked. She has a 2003 Hyundai Elantra that was bought used and was originally my car. When I moved to Ohio they kept my car and since then the car has been nothing but problems and a money pit. Recently they took it into the mechanic who informed them that all of the motor mounts and brackets were rusting or missing. Over $1000 later the engine is sitting straight and running smoothly.

Now comes the big issue.....since the engine was working odd due to the mounting issues the parts inside are working a bit awkwardly. The best way to put it is that when you have a bad hip the knee suffers because it is compensating for the hip. Once you put a new hip in suddenly you find out that you now have a bad knee to fix. The car is running great but it shakes when stopped like there is no tomorrow. My car does something similar and the dealership told my grandma that it can run this way for years but it is just going to cost too much to fix the issue and it isn't worth it with the age of the car.

My grandma refuses to drive the car and refuses to drive my mom's new car, so we are in a bit of a pickle. My family is now going to try and look at leasing a car for my grandma to drive the 5 miles total a day so she can get around. We are looking into leasing because a) it is less expensive b) she's 86 years old and we don't see her driving 3 years down the road and c) she doesn't need to own something that isn't going to be driven a lot. 

My parents don't have the money for this though and we are going to have to sit down and have a strict plan with the family on money and credit cards. My family grew up poor, my grandma lived through the great depression and my mom grew up on food stamps so they are all aware of issues with money. When they started to get more financially solid they wanted to share what they had. Sadly this has turned into a large pile of debt and we are now going to have to bring them back to the roots of pinching pennies. With me moving in it is going to save on a monthly bill since I'm taking that over, also we are going to work on them eating out, starting to buy in bulk, not give everyone presents for birthdays, and call credit card companies to lower interest rate so we can pay some off for them.

It is going to be a big change and it is something you don't think you really need to work on with the people who raised you but with them now both needing cars that require car payments we need to take a good look at what is going on.
I'm no saint in the debt section as I have my own but I've worked things out and in 2015 all of this crap will be off of my credit rating and I can start back at ground 0. I have no credit cards, I've paid off the ones I could and the others I told to go F themselves when they refused to work with me on payment plans.
I know we will make it through this but there is just so much stress going on right now that I think we all need a bit of a vacation.

If you reached the end of this thanks for reading my bitchfest.
Hey, I'm calling it like I read it.


OneBigMistake, andSome said...

We all go through tough times. I got so sick and piled up debt. It really sucked cause not only was I in debt, but in no shape to work to pay any of it off. A year later, I was healthy and debt free. Hope things work out quick for you and your family. Good luck!

Heather Ann said...

I am in the middle of buying a car too and I just have no idea what to look for, get or frankly where to even start!

It is not fun. Wouldn't it be nice to have an endless supply of money? In a dream world.

Good Luck!

Kari said...

We all go through this at some point in our lives! Take it as a learning experience. I just got a new car and I had to shift some bills around too. Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Money issues truly are the worst. I'm in the process of just gettign everything abck to square one. I only have one credit card but the mountain of student loans and IRS debt I have are daunting.

Prince Moss said...

“Buying a car is a big step and a big financial responsibility.” Totally agree with you on this. Especially in your case where you’d have to juggle your, your mom's, and your grandma's need of a car. Well, I say consider all your options and go for the best deal. And by the best deal, I don’t mean to say the cheapest, but the one that’s right on your budget and needs. Good luck!
Prince Moss