Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty, So Pretty and Witty and....

We are getting a should I put this?

and not in the happy way. Well, unless you are happy about being gay then Wooo!

I'm going to touch on a subject that, unless you've been under a rock, should be aware is currently always in the news. I know, I know....some of you aren't very supportive of this then that is your choice but maybe you should move your little right hand to your mouse and go on up to that red X and give it a nice little click. Don't need no hate up in these parts.

My mom raised me right.
She taught me at an early age to be accepting of all and understand that everyone was created equal and deserving of love and respect.
Actually Catholic school told me that also with the "we are all brothers and sisters in God's eyes" which when you inform a kid this after teaching them about how relations between family members is wrong makes a 10 year old giggle.
Anyhooser back on track.....
My family is Catholic, and not just Catholic but IRISH Catholic soooo Mr. Religion is a big part of their lives. If you are familiar with my blog you should know by now that I'm an Atheist which makes things interesting during family talks. I'm proud of my family though because even though they believe in their faith they don't follow it to the T.

I think my family being from NYC was a big part of their acceptance of all people. When you grow up in that city you learn every walk of life and you discover that the LGBT community are people just like you and me, unless you are gay then they are like get the idea. Growing up I was never informed that being gay was wrong. I was never informed that loving someone was against any ones rights and that we, as people, have the right to inform someone that they are not allowed to love someone.

My grandma and grandfather had two friends who travelled and wrote books and had been life partners for YEARS. We actually ran into them a few months back and guess what....they are both still together and still happier together. I was evidently introduced to them when I was little but I don't remember people from when I was 3. Unless you were a cute boy and then evidently I can remember everything about you. Hmmmm, I wonder how Jason is doing. He was pretty dreamy at age 13 to a preschooler.

When I was probably about 7 we had new neighbors move in across the street. They were two men and they did not keep it from people that they were partners. I witnessed them go through a normal relationship like any other couple in the neighborhood and my mother didn't keep anything from me about what that relationship was like. One of them introduced me to what Drag Queens were which I thought was very funny as to why would a man want to dress up like a woman?!

As I got older my school would inform me that being gay was bad but evidently keeping a priest on the payroll that was arrested for soliciting a cop staged as a young boy online was A Okay in their books. I had some kids in my school where I either thought or new that they were gay but they wouldn't come out because our school continued to tell them that they were going to hell. My first round of Gay Hate was in the 8th grade when one of the male students, who was super nice and caring, was attacked by the boys in my grade. Two of the boys had been threatening this kid with pushing him into oncoming traffic or hanging him by his neck from the flag pole in front of the school so everyone could see the dead F@&. The teachers weren't doing anything until one day when during PE we were playing soccer and the boys tripped the young man and started to kick him while he was laying there. Parents yanked him from school threatening to sue, every child was pulled into the office to give a statement on what we saw happening, the first two boys were expelled, and the girls (and some boys) went to his house to apologize.

I always wonder how or why parents would raise their children to be ok with some people but HATE others. I always find it interesting how someone can be so Anti-gay until their son (or daughter) comes out, I'm looking at you Sen. Portman, and suddenly the subject hits close to home and they realise that they are hurting their children by their words and actions. I will always support equal rights, I will continue to ensure that when I find someone to spend my life with that they feel the same, I will raise my children to respect everyone and to know that if they discover that they themselves are gay that their parents will love them just the same.

Let's go Supreme the right thing today.


JP Lord said...

AMEN Sister! It's only a matter of time until it's legal for everyone to love and marry anyone of their choice. Preach it - I say :)

Brandi said...

Yes. I have to say YES to this whole post. Well said!