Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Revisit Some Friday Letters

Ello lovelies!

I've cracked myself out coffee this morning to the point I'm shaking a little. I should probably eat something but since I'm standing for 10 hours today that's a little hard to do.

Oh shall move on.

This week and weekend have been very low key as I have no plans and have to sadly start packing up my life into boxes and decide what I can take to my mom's and what need to go into the closet I keep the bodies in. I didn't realise how much I wouldn't want to do this but hey. I've got goals for this year and no living on my own is going to make some of these things happen.

My mom is aware of my plans for their house and is kind of giving me some room on my leash of things I can ACTUALLY do. I've already told her we are going one day in April to IKEA since she has never been. I will open that woman up to the wonders of that store.

so...I haven't done a Friday letters kind of thing in a while so let's revisit that.

Dear Mom and Grandma I know you mean well but remember I'm not 12 and I'll remember that it is your house and you get the final say. Dear KIA I'm coming for you in May. Be ready for some negotiations. Dear Universe I spent yesterday enjoying JetBlue's website and seeing I could do a round trip from my local airport to LaGuardia and back with no stops for $185. Then I got slapped in the face with the fact that I couldn't find a hotel with my employee discount and non of the GMs were going to be nice and let me get it. Then you decided to say screw you to my options of Chicago, Boston, All of Cali, and Las Vegas. I finally decided to look into Washington DC and found a hotel that doesn't open till June 1st that will give me my $29 room and it is right across from the White House. Then you were kind enough to have US Airways to have a round trip ticket from Tampa to Reagan for less then the NY ticket. I love you....plain and simple. I'm SO excited to visit Washington by myself! Dear Man Friend it was nice seeing you last night and Happy Birthday! I find it slightly amusing that when I decided to move out you decided to move out. Dear Cat I'm buying you a baby gate so you can hind in the bedroom since you now have to deal with another dog. I'm sorry. Get over it. Dear Dating Pool you are very very slim and I'm just saying o well. I enjoy my alone time and I see the Man Friend from time to time so when you decide to start working in my favor just let me know. Dear Movers.....really 8am, 8AM!?! FINE! I'll be up early and wrapping all my things in plastic. Asshats.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Anyone doing anything more interesting then working and laying in bed reading?

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Nikki said...

I wanna lay in bed and read....