Friday, March 15, 2013

Moving Adventures Continue....

Well, I'm not dying internally just sore but now I think my head is going to fall off. I don't seem to be winning much this all.

I went and got violated by an ultrasound machine on Tuesday to just be called back and informed by my Dr's nurse that nothing is wrong. Ok, yeah, thanks so the machine didn't see anything which means this pain must be all made up. Yeah, ok....nothing you can do? Nope.....assholes. 

Tuesday night I got a call from my movers that they wanted to be at my apartment at 7am instead of 8am but that he would throw in another guy for free to make the job go faster. I'm such a nice person I said sure and gave up an hour of sleep. They showed up, wrapped everything, and carried it out. I was in shock how fast they moved everything. I would have been falling over after just the dresser and TV stand. They felt bad that they were charging me for a 3 hour job (which is their minimum) and it was going to take MAYBE an hour and they kept offering to take other things with them for me to put into storage. I thanked them but informed them nope, I still don't know what I'm keep of the smaller items. They were very nice little (ok big) Hispanic men talking Spanish because they knew I couldn't understand one word of it. It was time to leave and of course they had sent a giant truck so I agreed to go on I-75 so it would be easier for them. I drove pretty slowly since my poor little car can't drive too fast or else things start to fall off. Don't judge ghetto car...she only has a couple months left to live. They put all my crap into the storage room, minus the dead body that will be added later, and took my money and left.

I went back to my apartment, picked up all the dog hair that I realised was covering my floor and sat down to watch a little TV. I guess I didn't realise how tired and comfortable my floor was because I passed out for a good 3 to 4 hours.

So now I drive back and forth work to my apartment, my apartment to mom's house, then back to work. I'm packing, throwing, and moving things as it goes and it seems to be working ok. My cat hates me still and is enjoying the large house she is running around in. I could disappear and my dog and cat would be fine since they have my parents.
Little brats.

This weekend is going to be pretty low key as every free time I have will be spent in my vacant apartment packing and throwing things away so when Monday rolls around me and my mom can start painting.
Please remind me when I move again to just leave the walls the color they are when I moved in or just paint one wall if I have to. I can't wait for this to all be over and done with so I can have my life back to normal.

Oh and I'm going to leave you with this little gem because A) I find Belle's part hilarious and B) he's really really good at this.

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becca said...

that video is too funny i have it on replay it's so cute