Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Think I'm Still Alive.....It Could Just Be Caffeine

I know I basically live off of wine but today Dunkin is what I'm runnin on.
If you follow me on Insta (I'm too cool to write the whole thing) you should know that I worked 15 hours yesterday so this might be a bit uneventful.

Let's catch you up on what has been going on.

Well....I'm moved out of the apartment.
Now all my crap is in my mom's house where it will have to remain until I find a moment to pick it all back up and take it to the storage unit. My mom is a saint because she was such a huge help in getting my place finished for me since I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off with everything going on. We did the walk through on Friday and all the lady did was open up a couple cabinets, go into each room, and continue to comment on how nice and clean it was and that she was "shocked we cleaned the fans". This did not make me feel well as I don't want to know how other people leave apartments when they move out.

Thursday night was Mrs. Harris's bridal party dinner/bachelorette party. We had so much fun and drove around to different bars drinking and dancing away. I was a bit sleepy (a lot sleepy) so I ducked out an hour early and then had to wiggle my car out of the parking space I made on her lawn.
I keep telling people I'm a better driver after a couple of cocktails, they just don't seem to understand.

Friday afternoon was the rehearsal/dinner and then it was off to the hotel to get some sleep before the big day. Saturday everything moved like clockwork and we watched the happy couple get hitched. It was really a beautiful wedding and if you follow any of us on social media you should have seen some photos by now.

Other then that fun filled weekend of photos, which I'm not going to post because a) I'm too lazy and b) well I'm too lazy, my dog decided to eat an entire box of chocolates. She then proceeded to be sick as a dog (hehe get it) because she is an idiot.

Fine....I'll share one photo with you.
You can't take my any place nice.

Oh and I'm going to do a giveaway before the end of the week. It involves wine. What did you think it would involve?!


Jess Casey said...

I LOVE that picture lol!

elle at wishingoodluck said...

15 hours? Never again will I complain about a 10 hour shift... yikes!