Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oh Crap...This Might Make Me the Crazy Cat Lady

I'm not sure how she did this but....

The Cat Stole My Blog.

Hi humanz.
I'm pretti surz youz follow thee person who claimz she iz me owner.

Ok screw that. Who the freak decided that cat's talk like that. COME ON!
Well, without further chatting let me introduce myself.

It is I....Smidgen.

I know, seriously, how is a cat supposed to rule the world with a name like SMIDGEN?!
 The human says she named me that because when I was a baby I was just soooo tiny.

I wasn't THAT small.

I guess my life was pretty nice until she brought home the beast she calls Sky. Yeah, that thing is dumb as rocks hence why I'm writing this thing and not her. It's cool though, she might be bigger and louder but I run this bitch.
 See....I've cornered her in her cage and she is too afraid of me to make me move. Mwahahah. Now Brie has me hanging out with another dog but hey, she's dumber then the first one.

Brie has this weird need to play with string. I'm not sure if she understands but string is pretty annoying. I keep trying to tell her but she ignores me so sometimes I have to make her listen.

I'm also sure you all saw the horrible photos she plastered all over the interweb when she dressed me in a jacket. It was the worst thing in the world! I couldn't breathe, I thought it was attacking me!

She has this weird need to hold me and give me love so I tend to try and hide from her when I can.

I even tried the Devil Eyes but she just HAD to come over and give me a hug.

I love Brie and when she decides to be busy or wants to just relax I have this need to be all over her. I'm not sure why but I just HAVE to be next to her leg.

She tends to drink a lot of wine but it is ok, I still love her. Especially when she gives me little snackums and chicken from time to time. We are back to living with the nice people who feed me all the time and keep me nice and plump but Brie is trying to put a squash on it and says I need a diet. To that I say....I will walk on your ribs and sit on your head tonight while I try to sleep.

Well....I'm going to go do what I do best now until she gets home from work.

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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA Absolutely love this. I can only imagine what my cats think.