Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh You Know....Just a Wine Bag Giveaway!

This wine lover hasn't had a wine giveaway in a hot second so when I was contacted by Bella Vita to review a couple of their bags I thought, "Hot damn I'll review your items! I'm a lover of wine and I know so are my followers!"

I viewed their products and told them which of the bags I really loved and what do ya know. They sent them right on over!

This little thing is pretty awesome! It doesn't take up much space and when it is flat you can set the chilled bottle on it so when the bottle starts to sweat a bit from all that pouring you're making it do the holder catches it so your table doesn't get all messy. It's also really pretty when it is unfolded and it can fit more then just the wine bottle in case you don't drink wine. Which I don't want to think about because we might not be able to be friends.

Then we have this gem which looks JUST like a purse. It has a zipper on the top so no one knows you are sporting a bottle of wine. It only holds a normal size bottle which is a bit of a downer since I'm a wine guzzler wine sipper and tend to enjoy a bottle glass from time to time. Just remember you have the bottle in there and be gentle when you set it down so it doesn't break and then you're wearing the wine and not being able to pass that DUI check point.

This is the chill bag which you place in the freezer and then slide the bottle right on in so it stays nice and cold. These come in tons of different colors and are such a great idea for a picnic or a boat ride so you don't have to lug around a cooler. They suggest you still chill your wine before putting it in the bag so that way the wine stays at the desired temperature.

Now, they suggest this can be used for beers or sodas, but I say it can be used for the tiny little bottles of wines. I think my idea is better. It works the same as the one above but this also has a divider line so that the cans bottles stay cold from all sides.

This site has SOOOOO many more items that are so pretty and are great for any party or as a gift for when you unwillingly give a bottle of wine to someone. I'm not much of a giver and wine is wine but the next time I decide to be nice and give a bottle of wine to someone I'll be sure to browse the site for these adorable decorative bags. Now for the fun of you lucky ladies are going to win the tall chill bag and the decorative wine coaster/wrap!!!!!

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Nikki said...

The pink purse one!

Annie One Can Cook! said...

The purse!!

Alyson said...

I really love the BN Yellow Flower because I like it could double as a coaster but I also like the insulated ones for when I am in the mood for a good white

katja9_10 said...

I like the chill bag that can hold beer or mini bottles of wine...I like your suggestion :)

Les Johnson

Fatima Bugg said...

OMG! The chili bag for the win! It looks so adorably nice! My wine collection would totally look cute in that. So please, give me this is amazing wine bag!

William Winston said...

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