Friday, April 26, 2013

One Proud Sister

Yeah...I know, I'm still being a sucky blogger but still love me.

I'm hopefully hiring someone tomorrow sooooo that will make my life just a bit easier.

As some of you know I have two half brothers who are both younger then me. The oldest, Louis, is going to school right now to do photography/internety type things. I don't know the name of his major but it has to do with that stuff.

He first wanted to be a police officer in NYC, then he thought of going to pastry chef, and now his is onto this. I feel like this is his true calling so I'm hoping he doesn't change his mind again.

He has been posting some pictures of his recent work and I must say....they are pretty snazzy. I figured I'd share them with you ladies because I am one proud sister.

Yep, this is my brother. We are kind of related.

That's not his dog....he takes pics with random pets

Well, I have an exciting event on monday besides going to the Social Security office to get a replacement card. The trouble with moving a few times....things tend to go missing.


Angi said...

Hey your bro takes some pretty cool pictures! I love black and white ones like that!

Also...apparently your blog wasn't showing up in my feed anymore because I thought you just quit posting, and now I see I am WAY BEHIND. Same thing happened with mine, it quit showing up in some people's feeds, and we figured out that if you unfollow/refollow the blog it fixes it...

So. I have unfollowed/refollowed you and hopefully you'll start showing up again!!! :)

Kim Orpin said...

I love the movement ones! I could go into the poetic-ness of them, but I'd rather not sound like a complete dork.

Alyson said...

Those are some pretty awesome shots!! Your brother is very talented:)

BREI said...

Ha! I totally take pics with other people's animals too. Especially when I am in New York.