Friday, April 19, 2013

What The Freaks Friday?!? Pt. 2

Hi Ladies!
It's that time of the week again for What The Freaks Friday?!?
I've been pretty swamped with work this week so I haven't been on-line much to encounter the creepies that much but I did get a few winners.
Last week I got messaged by this cutie
The guy...not the little kid. I'm not a weirdo.
We chatted a little, he seemed funny, and he asked for my number. I was pretty excited so give him my number I did.
I don't think I should have.
The next thing I know I have of a rather large yet oddly skinny male part. I informed him that the pic was crossing the line and he said good-bye.
I'm going to admit something....I went back to look at the pic because something bothered me about it, other then it was on my phone. I realized that I'd been sent that pic 5 times.
Congrats Mr. are famous among the men on the online dating world.
Now last week was men with fish. This week is men with Pet Shoulders. Pet Shoulders is a condition some men have where an animal they consider a pet is attached to their shoulder during photos that they wish to use to attract the opposite sex.
Yeah....I think I'd rather the fish.
Now....these men are trying to attract you with what they can offer.
Three different types of beer and cancer in a box. But hey, thumbs up!
Now....I'm not sure who I'm supposed to be attracted to in this photo.
I'm not sure which one I want more....maybe I can have all three...yum?
Now this guy....this guy just SCREAMS that he is happy to be on a dating site.
or he is ashamed of the hair choice he is rocking....
Well....V for Vendetta was a great movie
I guess I'd be lucky to go on a date with Guy Fox. I'm not sure how kissing plastic would be but....these are hard times in the dating world.
Now to leave you with another winning photo. Last week we had the sunset screen saver photo. This week....
We have a shark tank.
Dun dun, dun dun, dun.....more like dud.
Oh week three, how I hope you have something better to offer.


RadiantKristen said...

I love when guys post pictures of their animals on a dating site, and they are nowhere in the picture. Because women are really only in it for the dog/cat, right?

Anonymous said...

You my friend, have just screwed up by making this thread.