Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up

Howdy ladies!
I'm hooking up today with two of my most favorite bloggers ever! I'm super jealous they get to have a blate vacay but I know those two are going to have an amazing time!!!
Now, we shall begin

When I Grow Up....

I'm going to be married to the straight version of Matt Bomer or Ian Somerhalder or David Beckham.
Or all...
I'd be cool with that.

I'm going to live in New York City with a beach house in Key West and a cabin mansion in Colorado.

I'm going to have a degree from Brown in something special but I'm never going to use it because I'm going to own a bakery.

After owning the bakery I'm going to finally open up my restaurant called S'more Love where each table has a small little campfire type system with different items and you can make your own S'mores with a full bar.

I'm going to have a daughter and dress her in this

and in this

I'm not sure why the boy has no pants but has leg warmers....
I'm going to look like this

I'm going to have someone who washes my hair for me each day and then blows it out since I have no idea how to do my own hair.

I'm going to build a No Kill animal shelter and pay amazing people to run it and take care of the animals 24/7

I'm going to travel the world eating lots of yummy foods and not gain a pound.

My amazingly hot hubby will buy me things like this once a month

I'm going to have three puppies and three cats.
And a horse....I want a horse.

I'm going to learn french so when I go to Paris to hang with my three husbands I can sound like I'm pretty freakin amazing.

So....when can this life begin?!


Halie Renee said...

Oooh I think it would be so fun to own a bakery! I mean, mine would have to be cupcakes specifically since that's the only thing I know how to do really good, but it would still be so much fun I think! Visiting from the link-up today! :)

Cortney said...

I love your s'more idea!! I'd be a big customer (but not actually big because when I grow up I'm also going to be able to eat everything and not gain a pound) I also want someone to do my hair for me everyday because I'm so hair challenged.

becca said...

i love the tutu your future baby is wearing and wow yummy hubby

tara said...

Back off my boo, Ian!!!!!! :)

tara said...

Back off my boo, Ian!!!!!! :)

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside said...

Oh hey. When this is your life. Can you just adopt me.

That would be fun:)

That's What She Read said...

um, when I grow up I want to be you as a grown up!

Deidre said...

I think it would be so fun to own a bakery. Or maybe a bakery cafe! Mine would be gluten free...

Anonymous said...

I almost added own a horse to my list too!

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