Friday, April 5, 2013

Yeah, So I Had A Crush....Or Two

You might remember a while back (as in February) my besties from elementary school Megan and Ashley were in town and we decided to get drunk. We have conversations that should never be allowed to be spoken when there are other children adults around but we tend to not care and just talk up a storm.

I was thinking about the amazing time we had that night and the stories we were reliving. They were usually about boys, we are girls after all. My mother likes to inform me that I used to be boy crazy and always had puppy love. I guess she could be, ok FINE she is, correct.

I guess it started when I was a baby...around the 2 year marker. My family has been going to the same restaurant for special occasions before my mother ever thought of children, I was an accident so evidently she never really thought of them. The owner had two sons and the oldest, Klaus Jr., was a Greek god. He was tall, blond, and handsome. It has been told to me that the first time I met him my little baby heart fell in love and EVERYONE knew it. I would sit there in my little high chair and watch him walk around the restaurant, I even would drop things on the ground because he would come over and pick them up. He would walk over, I would smile and giggle, and then he would walk away.
Silly baby whore.

When I was in pre-school they had a program where kids from middle school could come volunteer and hang out with us for school credits. There was one boy that I was in LOVE with. His name was Jason, which if you remember the Power Rangers, was the name of the cute Red Ranger.

This boy was going to be my husband if I had anything to do about it. I would run up to him, hang onto his legs, and beg him to push me in the swings. I think back on it and think, dear lord....I was a hussy. I actually cried, CRIED, when he no longer came around the hang out with us.

Elementary school I fell for a boy named Matt, I thought he walked on water till he started talking to another girl in my class then I was done with him. I then had a crush on Sean, Keegan, and Keith. I didn't discriminate. I thought I was the shit with my butt length black hair. Then J came into the school in the 4th (5th?) grade and I fell, and I fell hard. He was tall and blond and I hadn't known him since I was 5. I had this crush for most of middle school till I realised he just thought of me as that annoying girl in class.
Womp womp womp.
I did actually get a kiss from him with that one time in 8th grade we were on our way back from a field trip and Megan, J, Joe, and myself were playing truth or dare and we dared each other to kiss so and so and the teacher evidently saw us. The principal pulled the four of us out of class and said how she was so ashamed and how we should never do things like that and then I, with my smart mouth, decided to say something. It was along the lines of  "Sister Monica, wouldn't it be better for us to kiss and be kind then to hit and be mean. You always taught us make love not war." She just told us not to do it again during school hours and walked away.
Yeah, that was the proudest moment of my school career.

I got better as I got older in showing my crush on men. Ok, FINE, I was still the same but I just didn't want to admit it at the time. Oh hormones, how you made school years difficult.

Am I the only one who had this issue?
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Nikki said...

you're still boy crazy :-p

Mandy Jean said...

I had the hugest crush on Jason the Red Ranger! LOL!!!

As an adult I still oogle the Rock :)

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

Kim Orpin said...

Omg, I was terribly boy crazy growing up. In fact, I was the girl who would rub the cute boys shoulders in gym class after running laps on the track in 4th and 5th grade. Dear lord, I was a little hussy! I could probably write a week's worth of posts on childhood love