Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello Life....Time For a Change

Ello darlin, beautiful, wonderful, lovely women who read this boring, slow blog.

Things are a changin around here and I think this is going to be AMAZING! I'm sure with all of these changes my life will be kicked in gear and it will start to show on this here thingy so I sometimes pay attention to.

You all are pretty much aware that I've been pretty down about my job and I've just been wanting to curl up in a ball and cry every time I walk in to work and walk out of it.
If I did that there would be a whole heck of a lot of crying which wouldn't be pretty. I'm not a pretty crier....I hiccup and bawl my eyes out which makes my very white skin turn scary red.
Yeah...why we are talking about what I look like when I'm crying I'm not really sure so let's get back with the program.
If you follow me on twitter or my personal facebook you might have seen that I've decided to change jobs. Ok, not just change jobs but change careers.
I know...shocking. I'm actually having panic attacks and people think I'm nuts.
They don't seem to understand that I don't handle change very well and for me to be doing a complete change is making me almost break out in hives.

I had my resume out in the world of Monster and Career Builder and was randomly applying to jobs that looked like they were in an office and wouldn't have me working behind McDonald's food line. I had applied at this job and never heard back from them and decided that maybe I was just unhireable. I had even been talking to someone about me being unhireable when my phone started ringing and it was the company asking me for an interview. I went in on Monday and was basically informed I was going to get the job. Wednesday I was sent the official letter of hire and then had to hand in my two week notice.
This. Is. Just. Nuts.
Bonus though....this place has amazing benefits, a massage therapist, a barber, and someone who comes out and washes the cars.

Since I've been feeling down I've been eating my feelings and this sadly has resulted in me putting on a few pounds which shouldn't be here on top of the pounds I glare at in the mirror each day. I decided to go to the Crunch gym and see what they had to offer me. Well....15 mins later I walked out with a new key scanner and a gym membership.

On top of this new job venture which I'm super nervous about and going back to the gym I finally came into my age and got an iPhone 5. Pro: I now know what all the hype was about Con: it's expensive and no one I know has the 5 so once again I'm the weirdo who has to walk around with her charger.
Get with the program people!!!!
O...and does anyone know of a good holder for the iPhone for when I'm working out?

Last but really not least....
Yep, there she be.
The dealership has been holding her for me since January. I hear creepy babies with wings and instruments singing every time I look at her. 

This month is seriously changing my life around and I'm nervous but excited to see where everything takes me.


Angi said...

It's so crazy how life seems to throw a whole bunch of changes at you ALL AT ONCE. Sounds like you're handling it better than I would be!! But CONGRATS on the new job and the new car, and you're going to do awesome with this new fitness venture!!

Amanda* said...

Congrats on all this! Such great things ahead for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though things as going amazing for you! Take the positive energy and RUN! :)

Jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS! so happy for you and all the good things coming your way!

Janna Renee said...

Holy cow! This is a lot of changes! I'm sure you've got us all intrigued about your new job ;)