Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a Big Girl Now...

I don't mean Big Girl as in fat I mean like an adult.
You know what I mean so hush yo faces.
A while a month ago, I informed you that I was buying a car.
Guess what I did.
I bought the damn thing.
I was planning on buying the car at the end of May but when the new job I knew I couldn't wait. I needed that job security for my loan application because my credit is worse than a fat kid's love for chocolate.
I decided that the 13th was the best day to do it. I had enough money, I wasn't working that day, and my boss was starting to talk to me again.
I was getting the silent treatment ever since I gave my notice.
I woke up in a panic Monday morning because I over slept. I had a plan, I knew what time I was going to be there, I needed to be there before some bitch bought my car.
I knew what car I wanted, I was NOT settling.
I was finally able to grab my mom and head over to the dealership. I needed my mom for this because I knew I was just too nervous to be buying a car by myself. I filled out some forms so that they could check my credit and then they took me outside to pick out my car. I b-lined it (what the hell is a freakin B-line?!) to the Rios and just stood there staring at the car I wanted. She was white with all black interior, brand new, sedan, touch screen radio, rear view camera, power windows and locks, working A/C.
 She was my dream.
And my nightmare.
I couldn't afford her, no way no how. She was almost $20,000 and I was needing a car more along the lines of Ohhhh.....let's say, $16,000 or less. There were a few other Rios there that were sedans but they had this dumbass cream interior and I am not someone who likes cream colored items. I have a black dog and a black cat, I need black seats. I know I sound like a picky bitch but come on, this is going to be my car for the next 15 years. I can be picky if I want to. I looked at a couple of hatchback Rios but they were basically the same price as my dream car. I told my car guy my either or and he said he would see what he could do.
After being a little heart broken I wasn't going to get the car I wanted I went inside to the good news bad news in the finance department. Bad news was credit was so bad my mom had to co-sign and I was denied by the banks even with my mom. Good news was that only one, that's right only ONE bank was going to give me a loan. I almost cried right there. I was getting my car and I wasn't going to have to be afraid every time I needed to drive some place.
I got a cramp in my hand from signing so many damn documents and I was so upset about it I kind of forgot to ask, how much did I get the car for, WHAT car I got, and how much they were giving me for my old piece of crap.
We did everything and I finally was handed a set of keys, informed of how much my monthly payments were, and was congratulated. I started to jump up and down like a crazy person on crack and all the sales guys just thought I was nuts. My car guy took me outside and said he was going to tell me how EVERYTHING worked so I wouldn't have any questions. Next thing I know I'm standing there staring at my dream car. MY FREAKIN DREAM CAR WAS MINE! I later found out that they knocked the price of the car down to the price of the other cars so that I could have it.
I ended up baking the whole dealership cupcakes.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Dusting off the Keyboard

When I first started blogging I did it because it gave me something to do. I've always enjoyed typing/writing and blogging was a way to do it.
Some where along the line this didn't turn into something fun it turned into something I felt like I HAD to do and it became a chore.
Since March? April? I started slowing down on my posts because let's face it. Being a Life Style blogger is a little hard at times. There are only so many times that you can talk about your dog, your love of wine, your basic non descriptive job you can't really talk about, or that random thing that happened.
Life has been slowing down for me and there hasn't been much going so....I stopped blogging. I'm not saying I'm going to blog every day, I'm not saying that I have a life planner filled with ideas of things for me to talk about, I'm just saying that I'm going to try to blog about different things that come to me.
I sit here and read blogs from time to time when life permits and I can tell the ones that are being forced. Same topics about once every two weeks, same theme, same ending, same forced post because A) they feel THEY HAVE TO BLOG and B) because they think they are going to make it big and someone is going to give them a book deal.
I don't want people to read this blog thinking I'm blogging because I feel like I'm going to make money or because I think I've got people who wait on baited breathe to hear read the words I type.
I promise to you, my readers, to try. I promise to not bore you with the same subject over and over and over and over. I promise to be honest and express my feelings like I have in the past. I promise to never try and be a fashion or food blogger when we all know I'm not.
I'm now going to go and soak my feet because walking 10 miles today in the warehouse kicked my butt.
Yes I have a new job, no I don't actually work in a warehouse.
They made me.
I also now have a crush.
Shhh, I have to get more intel on Mr. McHottie Von Hotbod.